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A Perfect Day in Leslieville

In 2005, The New York Times published an article proclaiming Leslieville the coolest neighbourhood in Toronto to shop, eat and drink. So what does this borough have that the rest of Toronto is missing out on? A perfect day in Leslieville should shed some light on that.



Buzzfeed recently gave 40 reasons to move to Toronto now. #16 was that indie coffee shops outnumber Starbucks. That may be an arguable point overall, but Leslieville is probably living up to the claim. Find your favourite brew at: Te Aro, Voulez Vous, Mercury or Tango Palace Coffee Company.


Don’t know if you know, but brunch is a pretty big deal in Toronto. The queen of brunch in the East is probably Lady Marmalade, where patrons line up to scarf down cheddar scallion waffles or poached egg poutine.

Too hungover to wait? Lil’ Baci is just a few doors east. It’s a delicious Italian restaurant not well known for brunch but Eggs Benny smothered in truffle béchamel sauce may soon change that.


If it’s just a snack you’re looking for Brickstreet Breads has the gooey-ist, buttery warm croissants in the whole wide city.

Shopping & Snacks


If Queen West is all about trend, Leslieville sells timelessness and craftsmanship. For furniture and antiques check out Pied A Tierre, Artsmarket or Zig Zag. For clothing, Thrill Of The Find and Gadabout are where treasures are waiting to be found. Cask’s got you covered if it’s a guitar or drum kit you’re after.

Leslieville Pumps. Yes, it’s a restaurant in a gas station. But it’s an old timey gas station. And it’s AHmazing. Deep.Fried.Pickles! It might not be the choicest first date place but it’s open 24 hours so it’s a great place for late-night eats too.


You’ll know when you’re close to Rashers from the intoxicating smell of sizzling fresh bacon. This little take-away counter (and four seats) serves classic bacon sandwiches with a gourmet twist and claims to be “North America’s only bacon sandwich shop”.


Dinner & Drinks

Skin + Bones Wine Bar was opened by some of the folks behind some of the most popular West end Italian restaurants, Pizzeria Libertto and Enoteca Sociale. All the dishes were created to be matched to one of the wines in their vast collection. It’s an East end spot to go for dinner and stay for drinks.


Goods & Provisions is the place to go in Leslieville for cocktails. These folks have some of the most knowledgable mixologists in the city and focus on bourbon-based cocktails but make all the classics. Their cocktail menu is seasonal to ensure ingredients are always fresh. This is pure traditional cocktail bar in the best possible way.

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