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Arlene Dickinson Writes Op-Ed On Kevin O’Leary’s Leadership Bid

You would assume that after working with the man for seven years, Arlene Dikinson would know a thing or two about her Dragon’s Den co-host Kevin O’Leary. Her assumed intimate knowledge of the man is what makes her recent op-ed piece for CBC so interesting. In the piece, Dickinson weighs in on O’Leary’s attempt at becoming the leader of Conservative Party of Canada, and doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Read her letter below.

Excerpts from the letter published on CBC:

“Since announcing his candidacy for the leader of the Conservative Party, I’ve been inundated with requests to comment on Kevin O’Leary,” wrote Dickinson. “The question on everyone’s mind is the same: ‘Is the cold, money-driven person we see on television what we will get as a potential political leader?’ It’s the exact same question I’ve received from Canadians from coast to coast since we co-starred on Dragon’s Den together.

“And the answer is: Yes, he’s exactly the same person privately as he is on camera.”

Dickinson did not hold back in her criticism of O’Leary as a representative of the business community, either.

“He’s the business community’s worst spokesperson. Why? Because he represents capitalism in its very worst form — a soulless system that bases decisions solely on dollars and cents, profit and margin.”

The timing of O’Leary’s announcement has been a somewhat controversial subject, as he waited until after the French language debate to throw his hat into the ring.

“Like all opportunists, Kevin shifts positions when it’s convenient,” Dickinson continued.

“Instead of facing the other Conservative candidates in this week’s French debate in Quebec City, he tweeted from his armchair. Kevin chose what was best for him, hiding out in Toronto instead of standing with fellow candidates and allowing Canadians to hear his views.”

Read the entire piece at CBC.

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