Brendan Dassey’s Half-Brother Drops Rap Track about ‘Making a Murderer’

Track bluntly titled "They Didn't Do It".

Brad Dassey, the half-brother of Making a Murderer subject Brendan Dassey,  just dropped a rap track explicating his brother Brendan and uncle Steven Avery’s innocence.

The track bluntly entitled “They Didn’t Do It” was released to Dassey’s Youtube and Soundcloud pages, along with a note saying the track took 10 hours to record.

Making a Murderer follows the intricacies of Dassey and Avery’s case, presenting the theory that they were framed by Manitowoc County law enforcement. Check out the track below:

Dassey’s “They Didn’t Do It” is not the first song Making a Murderer has inspired. Check out Dan Auerbach’s group the Arcs psychedelic track “Lake Superior”.