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CANADIAN PREMIERE: Les Jupes ‘Some Kind of Family’

Les Jupes’ music is built simply on songwriting and a dark rumbling energy that can take over a room. The band is led by vocalist Michael P. Falk whose brooding baritone is as captivating as it is sometimes menacing.

Recording of Some Kind of Family began in Montreal with producer Marcus Paquin (The National’s Trouble Will Find Me) and was finished in their hometown of Winnipeg. Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83) heard the tracks and came on board to mix it, excited about what Les Jupes had created.

The sound is a fine balance of brooding vocals mixed with swelling synths and backing vocals provided by Hailey Primrose, the “unofficial” 5th member.

Les Jupes is:

Michael P. Falk
Adam Fuhr
Jordon Ottenson
Darcy Penner

Listen to Some King of Family below:

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