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Concert Etiquette Tips

Concert etiquette—now there’s a minefield. The best way to act in a mosh pit is not the best way to act at a folk festival, and sometimes acting the wrong way can ruin the experience for the people standing around you.

With that in mind, this article gets all Anne Landers and gives you the best ever concert etiquette guide.

Ladies, Don’t Bring Your Largest Purse
Any over-the-shoulder-item that bashes other people as you dance or bravely march to the front is not earning you any friends. Use a small purse, a deep cloth bag, or, better yet, your pockets. Leave the leather at home.


Observe Surroundings
Take a moment and look at the people around you. Are they singing loudly? Jumping up and down? Talking with the people around them? If you’ve never gone to an Alt-J concert or a smooth folk line-up before, adjust your behavior a little and calibrate to your surroundings. Try to get a sense of what kind of show the performer is going for, and take part as best you can.


Some performers don’t like it when you use your smartphone to take pictures and video (Yeah Yeah Yeahs and, as we learned in 2013, She and Him). Be kind and try to respect the people who are up there entertaining you. Also, some people in the crowd find it weird that you’re on Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, Instagram, TripAdvisor, or whatever. These are legit points. Will you ever watch that video you’re making? Will your friends on Facebook really “like” those blurry photos?


If Being In Front Is Your Priority, Show Up Early
We can all agree on this as it makes sense and leaves everyone with less bruising. It sucks to be the people pushed aside as you rush up to the front where your friends are, so if that’s where you know you’ll want to be, show up a bit sooner.


Try Not To Smell
Oh, geez, the worst is being trapped in a packed venue, unable to escape someone’s stench. If you know that black bean tortillas give you something special later, be kind and avoid. Also, wear deodorant and try to avoid perfume or strong cologne. Some people get huge migraines from those scents, so it’s nicer to avoid them, even if they smell great, just in case.

*Please note: this list did not instruct tall people in any way, shape, or form. They should be allowed to range freely; however, if they notice short people behind them and kindly allow them in front, then they are the best kind of people and should always be smiled at and thanked.

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