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Drum Legend Animal Dies at 66

Fans are in mourning today after waterfordwhispers.com reported that the legendary drummer of Electric Mayhem, Animal, died at age 66.

The cause of death is not yet confirmed but it is speculated that he passed due to illness. Fozzie Bear revealed that Animal was diagnosed with a threadbaring syndrome earlier this year, but it is unknown whether this was terminal or not.

The remaining band members Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Janice and Floyd Pepper took to the band’s Facebook page to announce the news.

“We will never forget you, brother”, read the statement from the band. “You kept rocking ’til the very end. Be at peace now, and we’ll play again in that great muppet theatre in the sky”.

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayham had been performing together for several years before their breakout performance in 1975 on the Muppet Show. His charisma, creativity and sheer talent won him popularity and appearances in every Muppet movie released. His last role on “Muppets: Most Wanted.”

“I’d ask him if he was feeling alright and he’d just say ‘ANIMAL!!!!!! HAAAAAAH!!!!’. That was… that was just Animal, you know?”

Among fans and other Muppets have expressed their condolences. Miss Piggy states that Animal was “a driving force in her life”, and the Swedish Chef added that Animals always knew “how tee bork de bork”.

Let us remember Animal and watch his epic drum battle against the one and only Dave Grohl below:

(Featured image courtesy of: MuppetMob.)

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