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INTERVIEW: Cocksure Lads Director Murray Foster Chats with Candice

The Cocksure Lads movie opens this weekend at The Magic Lantern Carlton. It’s a hilarious musical comedy based in Toronto directed by Great Big Sea’s Murray Foster. Cocksure Lads hits theatres tomorrow. Watch the trailer above!

I sat down with Murray Foster to talk about the film:

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The Cocksure Lads, a band from England, come to Toronto on their first-ever North American tour. Ten minutes after arriving, they get into a fight over royalties and break up. The Lads scatter across the city, and spend the day drinking, fighting, meeting girls, falling in love, and searching for a claw-foot bathtub. Through it all they learn what it means to be a band – but can they patch things up before their big show that night?

The Cocksure Lads Movie opens at Whistler Film Festival – Toronto Star

“A fictitious band 20 years in the making gets the big screen treatment with The Cocksure Lads Movie, written and directed by Great Big Sea’s Murray Foster.”

Whistler goes rock and roll with Murray Foster’s debut feature – Playback

“You want someone who loves you and is your champion,” Foster told Playback Daily.

Whistler Film Festival 2014 Interview: The Cocksure Lads Movie director Murray Foster – eFilmCritic

“‘This movie is the most fun you will have in a movie theatre this year. It is about four charming Brits in a band called the Cocksure Lads who come to Toronto, split up, then spend the day getting into misadventures. It is ALSO a musical, so it has about twenty-five 60s Britpop-inspired songs. At any given moment you will be either smiling, laughing, or humming.’”

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