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New Feud: Fat White Family Disses Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is adored by thousands of loyal fans all over the world, but if you’re not in that legion, you probably don’t understand the hype around him or his personality in general. The guy hasn’t changed his demeanour at all since achieving a generous amount of fame rather quickly and apparently that’s bothersome to a few individuals, namely the UK buzz band Fat White Family.

As you can see below, they made a Facebook statement about Mac that clearly show their frustration with the amount of DeMarco news in their feeds lately:

fat white

Some figured that this was a joke and that Fat White Family and DeMarco were actually buddies but in a recent interview Mac let everyone know that was not the case.

He said people have asked: “ ‘These are your friends, right? This is a funny thing?’ I’m like, ‘I’ve never met these guys. I don’t know what they sound like.’ They asked me to play guitar with them on David Letterman a couple of months ago and I said no. But I guess somewhere in between that time and now they decided that they didn’t like me actually and yeah, if they have a problem, then that’s fine. Not everyone’s going to like my music. That’s fine.

The interviewer went on to ask Mr. DeMarco if he was disappointed with the this post: “I don’t know anything about them. I don’t know anything about their music but it just kind of comes off as misinformed and a little bit disrespectful.

A “little bit” disrespectful. You’re a class act Mac.

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