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Noname might quit music because she doesn’t want to ‘dance on a stage for white people’

Noname has released a series of tweets where she reveals that she may retire right after the release of her new album, Factory Baby, because she doesn’t want to play for “predominantly white crowds” anymore.

“To be honest with you, my heart isn’t fully in it anymore,” Noname wrote. “The relationship between ‘artist’ and ‘fan’ is really fucking unhealthy. Yall like what y’all like and hate what y’all hate. And I don’t wanna be on either side.” She followed that statement up with “I’m just tryna read and organize. After factory baby it’s [peace sign emoji].”

The next day, Noname continued to discuss why she’s unhappy with how her art is being consumed. The original tweet has since been deleted, but the rapper revealed that she only plans to perform at the remaining dates she has booked. “I have 2 shows on the books then after that I’m chilling on making music,” Noname explains. “If y’all don’t wanna leave the crib I feel it. I don’t want to dance on a stage for white people.”
Lead photo courtesy of Chelsea Brimstin.

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