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Raccoon Steals Man’s Phone And Films The Whole Robbery

A video of a man’s poor attempt to film a raccoon has gone viral, and for a very good reason.

Just as the man hit record to catch the little bugger on camera, the raccoon takes matters into his own hands, and steals the phone away.


In the captured footage, Guy Williams from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, screams for the animal to come back, but the raccoon – obviously stoked to score a free iPhone – continues to made a mad dash.

In another video, shot by a friend, Williams can be seen in desperate pursuit of the unarmed bandit, worrying he will never see his pone again.

Don’t worry, the raccoon dropped the phone, and Williams retrieved it.

He tweeted, “Had to chase it for 5 minutes and I had named it Stanley like minutes before this happened so that’s why I was yelling that.”

Careful who you try and film.

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