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Indie88 Premiere: shy kids Come Out of Their Shells in “Noodie”

The musical equivalent of funfetti, Toronto’s not-so- shy kids have released a spirited new track today called “Noodie”.

Call it a late-summer anthem for indie-pop lovers, “Noodie” is a reminder that the spirit of adventure never dies. Bustling drums, playful synth, and bobbing bass tastefully layered in fuzz highlight singer Walter Woodman’s lyrics that evoke a childlike awe. “Life stays mysterious if you stay curious,” Woodman sings, as if it were told by young parents to their starry-eyed child.

“Noodie” is the third single off the trio’s debut record Lofty! (2015), following “® o c k e t s” and “Terminally In Love With You” featuring Choir! Choir! Choir!. shy kids are currently in the studio working on a sophomore album.

Woodman, along with fellow members Patrick Cederberg and Matthew Hornick, shared this note about their single’s accompanying lyric video:

“The candy-coated cut outs were created by our friends Taylor and Mallory Torr who made the video after accidentally stumbling on our song on soundcloud. To return the kind gesture, we covered Malory’s song ‘21 Years‘. shy til’ ya die.”

Listen to “Noodie” in the player above or below:


Indie88 is proudly presenting shy kids Friday, September 9th, 2016 @ The Drake Underground. Tickets can be purchased through TicketFly.

Photo by Leeor Wild

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