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10 Amazing Work Opportunities For People Who Love To Travel

Deep down, we’re all seeking some kind of amazing work for ourselves. Some of us want to be rich entrepreneurs with yachts, really expensive underwear, and private jets. Others among us want simplicity; a small place to live with minimal possessions. An amazing job would be one that doesn’t take a lot of our time.

Others among us are looking for jobs that require travel and pay well. That’s their dream. If that’s your aspiration in life, then this post is for you.

Check out these travel jobs, and let’s get you started on your dream of travelling and doing amazing work at the same time!

10 Amazing Work Opportunities For People Who Love To Travel 

#1) Travel Blogging (Duh)

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Image: @florenciacanzobre on Instagram

I mean, this one is kind of the most obvious don’t you think?

Travel around with some cute friends to gorgeous destinations, take pictures of everyone in their bathing suits, and go viral on YouTube. Sounds pretty ideal. You can get brand sponsorships, corporate affiliations, and even comped hotels. All of this of course depends on your popularity online, so you better start building that platform. 

Also keep in mind that almost every millennial ever is also trying to do this, so post accordingly. It’s a lot of work but if you can nail it, you’re golden.

#2) Agro-Tourism

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Image: @fanaticalgardening on Instagram

There’s a thing called “WWOOF” which stands for Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms. You can basically travel, and be connected to an organic farm where you can volunteer, learn, and get your hands dirty. I mean not allll jobs require digging in the dirt, of course.

There’s lots of management and administration that goes into running these amazing businesses built around trees, plants, and food! If you go this route, you’ll work a set number of hours in exchange for room and board. What a great way to learn, to travel, and to be a part of nature and the food cycle!

#3) Yacht Crew

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Image: @theboattrip on Instagram

Sounds pretty glamorous, right? You’ll definitely need to know the basics of sailing for this gig, but it’s worth it. Some jobs hire for integrity and personality, so you may be able to get by on a keen willingness to learn and a good attitude.

If you’re looking into this option, go check out a local yacht club in a well-known port. Ideas for this include Phuket, San Diego, and Panama. The ‘yacht crew’ is a good international community to be a part of… as long as you’re not someone prone to sea sickness.

#4) Pilot / Flight Attendant

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Image:@aviationwithmomagic on instagram

Flight attendants and pilots both definitely require travel as a big part of the job. Obviously being a pilot requires a whole lot of training and education. So does being a flight attendant. But if you’re into being up in the air, and being in different destinations all the time, you may want to follow this path. It won’t be easy or quick, but you can make great money, and satisfy your need for travel while you help other people enjoy theirs!

These jobs are rewarding, you learn a lot, and you can also have some flexibility with your destinations. Because of this, you can mix things up and keep your life fresh and free.

#5) Interpreter Or Translator

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Image: @toha_sutomo_official on Instagram

Do you know a couple of languages well? Some of us are blessed with this exposure and education from an early age. If this is you, being an interpreter or translator abroad could work really well for you. And keep in mind, while it may be nice to speak the language of the country you’re in, there are also opportunities for different languages within different countries.

Knowing languages is an incredible way to expand your mind, and it could also help you to facilitate your dream of doing amazing work while travelling the world!

#6) Tour Guide

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Image: @travelwithdavey on Instagram

Are you one of those people who like to bring others together for an experience? If you can bring herds of people together, help to simplify things for them, and stay organized, you may thrive as a tour guide.

And if you’re super passionate about the area you’re in, and you know a lot of random facts about your surroundings… even better! Multiple languages will come in handy in this job, and you’ll get to meet people from all over the world!

#7) Teach A Language (Abroad!)

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Image: @liuba_anikanova_elt on Instagram

Teaching English as a second language can work well for you if you want to do amazing work, help people, and travel at the same time. As a bonus, you’ll also likely get much more proficient in the language of the people you’re teaching as well!

With opportunities all around the world, you can make good money, and enjoy a highly regarded position within society. Plus, depending on where you are, your accommodation may even be included in the work.

#8) International Aid Worker

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Image: @heyradhia on Instagram

If making a difference while you’re doing amazing work and travelling is important to you, what about being an international aid worker? You can volunteer for the Peace Corps, or work with an international organization like the Red Cross. 

The work is challenging, and you’ll get to visit countries all over the world that are in need of help. Many of the organizations leading the efforts in these places will pay a full salary, and also offer housing and even student loan deferment!

Plus, as a major bonus, this kind of work stands out on a resume and can help open a world of other opportunities. It’s an incredible way to give back, and also boost your future possibilities.

#9) Travel Agent

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Image: @sydneypattersontravel on Instagram

As online bookings became more and more popular, travel agents kinda went the way of the dinosaur. However, these days, the travel agent has made a comeback. Being able to offer a reputation and expertise to clients can give them a better vacation with much lower chance of being ripped off.

There are so many websites online offering reviews and feedback, that’s it’s truly hard to navigate booking a trip for yourself. Lines can cross. Flights can go weird or get delayed or there may be details about itineraries that you miss.

As a travel agent, you can help people avoid all of that, and set them up to enjoy the vacation time that they’ve worked so hard for.

#10) Foreign Service Officer

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Image: @pheresofficial on Instagram

An excellent option for the nationalist, you can combine your love of your country and your love of travel. Why not hit the road as a foreign service officer? Similar to a diplomat, a foreign service officer can travel the world working on problems like refugee issues, immigration, and even disaster aid. All the while you’ll be representing your country.

A lot of foreign service officers interact directly with foreign governments and get to move every few years. This job could give you a great salary and offer the chance to move around the globe like the globetrotter you are.

Have fun! Be safe! And keep chasing the dream of pursuing amazing work! Oh, and don’t forget to check covid restrictions if you’re crossing international borders.

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