10 Bands that went to High School Together

Childhood Friends that Started Successful Bands

The one thing all 10 of these bands have in common is that they were childhood friends before they decided to start a musical career together. One bizarre thing I noticed is they all still have their original line-up. Here are 10 childhood friends who started successful bands.

The Strokes
Julian Casablancas and Nikolai Fraiture met at school in New York before they were teenagers. At 13 Casablancas’ dad sent him to a boarding school in Switzerland because he had bad grades, and that’s where he met Albert Hammond Jr. He then met Nick Valensi and Fab Moretti at a different school in Manhattan before graduating.


Three of the four members of Hollerado grew up on the exact same street in Manotick which is a Suburb of Ottawa. Menno Versteeg actually taught Nixon Boyd how to play guitar.


All five members went to the same high school and in 1985 and decided to form “On a Friday” named after the day they had band practice in the school’s music room. They eventually went to different universities but would still get together to practice on weekends. When they signed a record deal with EMI, it was suggested they change their name.


Tokyo Police Club
All four members grew up in Newmarket and had a band together called Suburbia before they started Tokyo Police Club at 18. One of the reasons they started Tokyo Police Club was because they missed playing music together.


Mike O’Brien and Carlin Nicholson grew up in Barrie together and played in bands together while they were teenagers before Zeus was ever a thing. They often played with Afie Jurvanen who now goes by Bahamas. Years later they all toured as Jason Collett’s backing band, then Afie went on tour with Feist and that’s when Zeus was formed. Their high school band was called the 68’s.


Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter have been friends since going to the same junior high in a town of just over 4000 people. They didn’t start Phantogram until 2007 when they both moved back to that town after perusing different bands/careers.


The Zolas
I am really apprehensive about this story because it seems so bizarre but The Zolas once said on Twitter that they met as rival soprano soloists in an all boys choir after being forced to bunk together.


When Larry Mullen Jr. was 14 he posted a note on the noticeboard at their school looking for musicians to start a band. All four members of U2 went to this school in Dublin.


Kings of Leon
This one’s kind of cheating. They’ve known each other since the beginning of their lives because the band’s comprised of three brothers and a cousin.


The Black Keys
Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have known each other since they were 8 or 9 years old. They grew up in the same neighbourhood but didn’t become friends until high school. They were part of different social crowds and started jamming together before graduating.


The Beatles
When John Lennon was 16 he put together a band called The Quarrymen with friends from Quarry Bank High School. He met Paul McCartney at a church event and he joined as rhythm guitarist. At 14 years old, George Harrison auditioned for John Lennon but he thought he was too young. After continuously bugging Lennon for a month, Harrison joined the band.