10 Bands With Brotherly Love

Does this prove that musical talent is genetic?

I don’t think it’s a stretch of the imagination to assume that somewhere, in a dusty attic, there’s an old photo album with a picture inside of some of these band members taking a bath together.

Here are 10 bands with brothers:

Win Butler formed Arcade Fire with a friend in 2001 and started practicing while they were both attending McGill University in Montreal. It wasn’t until after their first EP was recorded and a few members quit that his brother Will joined in 2003.
(Source: abbyladybug)

Laurent Brancowitz’ real last name is Mazzalai, brother to Phoenix guitarist Christian Mazzalai. He joined Phoenix after his other band (Darlin’) with the guys from Daft Punk disbanded.
(Source: Renee Barrera)

Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis are couple of the most famous brothers on this list, partially because of their music and partially because of their brotherly fights. The big one in 2009 led to their break-up. They’re now talking to each other again, after their mom made them both attend a family wedding.
(Source: Paula Torres Rey)

The members of Hollerado all grew up on the same street – guitarist Nixon (left, below) and drummer Jake in the same house.
(Source: Tiffany LJ)

The National has two pairs of brothers, making up the majority of the band. Frontman Matt Berninger is the odd man out.

Kings of Leon is made up of three brothers and a cousin. Their name comes from their grandpa, whose name was Leon.

All of the guys from Radiohead went to the same school together, including brothers Jonny (third from left, below) and Colin Greenwood (far left, below). Before Jonny was the last to join the band that would become Radiohead, he played in a band with Thom Yorke’s little brother Andy.
(Source: Bertrand Bosrédon)

Ben and James Johnston (right, below) are not only brothers, but twins. They respectively play bass and drums and both sing backup vocals in Biffy Clyro.
(Source: Tom Øverlie, NRK P3)

Frightened Rabbit was originally a solo project for Scott Hutchinson. He enlisted the help of his brother Grant to record their first album – it snowballed from there.
(Source: Uncensored Interview)

Brothers Matt and Brad Shultz formed Cage the Elephant before getting discovered at SXSW in 2007.
(Source: musicisentropy)