10 Best Places To Feel Like A Kid Again in Toronto

Your Jumping, Sliding, and Climbing Days Aren't Over!

Who says you can’t act like a kid every once and awhile? Certainly not us. In fact, we encourage you to get out there and jump, dance, skip, and climb as fearlessly as you would have when you were five. Lucky for all of us, there are tons of fun spots all over Toronto where you can feel like a kid again. Check out our list of wild places below!

Sky Zone

45 Esandar Dr, Toronto ON

If spending your day doing flips and tricks on a massive indoor trampoline sounds like the best day of your life, then Sky Zone is your ideal place.

Tilt Arcade Bar

824 Dundas St W, Toronto ON

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Become the pinball wizard you were destined to be at this old-school style arcade joint! With a couple adult beverages and bar grub it doesn’t get much better than Tilt!

Boulderz Climbing Centre

1444 Dupont St, Toronto ON

There’s something oddly zen about scaling a mountain — putting your focus on which rock to grab onto next as you’re suspended fifty feet in the air. Head to Boulderz Climbing Centre to get your fill of fun (and your daily exercise)!

401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts

37 Stoffel Dr, Etobicoke ON

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Even though we’re the age where we can drive actual cars, nothing’s quite as thrilling as ripping a go-cart around the track! Check out 401 Mini Indy Go-Karts in Etobicoke. Keep an eye out for Niagara Fall’s “Mario Kart” style race track, set to open this spring!

Rinx Entertainment Centre

65 Orfus Rd, North York ON

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In need of a team bonding experience? Rinx has pretty much everything: bumper cars, laser tag, bowling and so much more. They do kids birthday parties and corporate events so all ages are welcome!

The Rec Room

255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto ON

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One of the newer additions to the city, the Rec Room located right across from the Rogers Centre / Ripleys is a great place to end your night. With a great beer, cocktail and food selection, this massive indoor video game complex is the ultimate go-to for downtown dwellers.


2007 Winston Park Dr, Oakville ON

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iFly in Oakville provides a great place to get those endorphins rushing.

Camp No Counselors

Muskoka, ON

Camp No Counselors is the all-inclusive sleepaway camp for grown-ups. Relive your glory days at summer camp, and have fun participating in land and water sports, arts ‘n crafts activities and night dance parties! Did we mention there’s an open bar? Yeah, you’re going to want to sign up, like now.

Jungle Gym

The Grange Park, Toronto ON

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For the more budget-friendly fun-seekers, Grange Park behind OCAD is one of the city’s latest and greatest new additions. This brilliant new jungle gym is big enough for adult grounders…provided there aren’t any kids around.

Canada’s Wonderland

1 Canada’s Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, ON

Nothing beats childhood nostalgia more than the thrills of Canada’s Wonderland!

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