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10 Cheap Travel Destinations For Your Bucket List

Discover the 10 Best Cheap Travel Destinations

Ready to hit the road and celebrate the existence of cheap travel destinations? Here’s your guide.

1. Laos

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Image: @albaneom on Instagram

With its incredible offering of nature and unspoilt landscape, Laos is a heaven for adventurous types. Visiting this country, you can climb, cycle, kayak, zip-line, and even hot air balloon.

All of the activities, food, and accommodations are incredibly affordable. In fact, some travellers who are into this sort of thing (travelling on the cheap) say that you can get by in Laos on $28/day.

Tropical, beautiful, and affordable. Check, check, and CHECK!

2. Thailand

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Image: @infiniteloopphotos on Instagram

Thailand is on the border of Laos, and is famous worldwide for its beaches. But that’s not all you’re going to love about Thailand.

First, the food is unreal. Especially if you’re vegetarian and you enjoy whole foods. There is so much delicious cuisine in this country, and it’s healthy too! You can often stay in one of the little beach accommodations for as low as $20/night, sometimes even lower!

When you head up North, you’ll be amazed by the culture and the sites. Lush jungle, music, events, and hospitable people are everywhere.

If you’re on the cheap, you’ll be able to get by on around $50/day in Thailand. This will include your food, accommodations, and the occasional cocktail.

3. India

cheap travel destinations
Image: @travel2india.au on Instagram

India has a reputation for being an affordable place to visit. With the US dollar doing well, it’s even better these days!

You can get by on as little as $20/day, and sometimes even less. This is also true especially if you are ok eating a vegetarian diet. There are many vegetarian options in India. You can get a delicious meal for as little as $2. You can also find a place to stay for anywhere between $3 – $10 USD. It will depend on where you are in the country, and also the level of quality you’re ok with.

If you’re spending wisely, you should be fine to get by on around $50/day. This includes accommodations! The flight to get to India is expensive, but once you’re there it’s much more reasonable.

4. Cambodia

cheap travel destinations
Image: @
wanderandframes on Instagram

Often known as one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is full of wonderful people.

As with most of these cheap travel destinations, the prices have gone up significantly over the years. Because of this, it’s more expensive now, but it’s still very reasonable. However, when you go to Cambodia, you want to keep a few things in mind:

Buses can take you across the country for less than $20.

Meals can go for as little as $2.

Private rooms cost around $10 if you’re willing to stay in a hostel.

Conveniently, much of Cambodia runs on dollars. You can get them at pretty much any ATM.

5. Argentina

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Image: @foto.grafiasdeviajeros on Instagram

If you do make your way to Argentina, you’ll want to stay for a few weeks. It’s a beautiful country, and there are so many things to see and do. Dance the night away to salsa in Buenos Aires, drink wine and dine in the Mendoza Valley, go for a hike in the Los Glaciares National Park, and even check out the waterfalls at Foz do Iguacu.

It’s incredible the range of things you can do here. Hostels are around $10-$12 per night. Food is really cheap and delicious at around $7/day if you’re spending wisely. There are so many outdoor activities as well. Entry fees for parks and waterfalls are around $10, and you can even do a half-day wine tour for around $20.

6. Philippines

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Image: @travistravis.co on Instagram

If you’re looking for incredible, unspoilt beaches, this is your place. The Philippines are packed with island destinations that you won’t even believe. Surrounded by white sand, easily accessible (most of the time) and with gorgeous weather, you may be tempted to stay here forever.

In other words, you might just be able to afford it! Average daily cost per person is around $50. You’ll want to try the chicken adobo, oxtail stew (if you’re into that sort of thing), raw fish salad, or any number of the rice dishes and amazing home cooked offerings.

There are so many things to do in the Philippines. Travel will likely be your highest cost, but depending on what you’re going to do, you can likely travel between cities for around $50.

7. Cuba

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Image: @amazingshots_america on Instagram

This colourful country has a charm and affordability unlike any other. There is so much culture to take in, and so many sights to see. It’s an ideal spot to take an alternative trip when you need a break.

Go to Havana to check out the vintage cars that are in basically every artistic iteration of Cuba. While you’re there, enjoy an authentic mojito and take a trek through the lush and green Viñales Valley.

For food, you’ll want to check out the empanadas, pastelitos, boliche, and cocido de garbanzos. These are just some of the mouth-watering dishes you can get for a song in Cuba.

You’re looking at around $35/day if you stay wise and spend well.

8. South Africa

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Image: @fischeranne on Instagram

South Africa is so much more than just safaris! For instance, you can do incredible wine tours, mountain treks, road trips, and unbelievable beaching.

If you’re a backpacker, or someone travelling on a budget, South Africa is amazing among cheap travel destinations because there can be many work opportunities. You also have breathtaking activities you can do for free or for a very small fee. The hiking and adventure is amazing here.

The digital nomad scene here is strong. With $40-$50 per day, you’ll be having a great time, getting your work done, and living your best life.

9. South Korea

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Image: @criscm.ig on Instagram

South Korea doesn’t make its way onto enough of these destination lists. It’s super affordable, the food is amazing, and the people are very welcoming and kind.

Of course, it’s not as cheap as Southeast Asia or India, but compared to the UK or North America, it’s quite cheap. You can discover enchanting temples and markets just bursting with artisanal, local goods. The food is inexpensive, and you can get a beer in a corner store for a couple bucks.

Hostels in Seoul are around $10 per night. You can also go out for Korean BBQ (including drinks) for around $8. The countryside is stunning; in other words, it’s worth the visit!

10. Morocco

cheap travel destinations
Image: @countryofmorocco on Instagram

Safe, peaceful, and stable, Morocco is noted for its warm hospitality and friendly vibes.

With so much to do and see, you can’t help but dress up in your best to explore this romantic, whimsical country. You know, that one fancy outfit you bring with you to bust out on special occasions while you’re traveling? It will get a lot of use when you’re out on the town here, watching your dollars but enjoying the heck out of life.

You can get some sunshine here in the winter, and you can even enjoy a surfing trip. Legendary Casablanca awaits, with all its history and incredible sights.

The average daily cost per person is around $40. If you want to save on accommodations, you’re wise to stay in Marrakesh. However, hotels are relatively affordable in other areas as well. For a real twist, we recommend checking out going skiing in Morocco!

Enjoy these cheap travel destinations and yolo-ing around the globe on a budget!


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