10 comedy podcasts you need to listen to in 2019

Check out some of the funniest podcasts airing right now!

While the wind blows outside and you’re watching the hail pellets hit your window, or while you’re sitting on a crowded TTC bus during your morning commute, you may want to lighten the mood with a good laugh! From sex talk to philosophy to the inner workings of the mind, we have got the funniest podcasts here to brighten your day.

Here is our list of the best comedy podcasts you need to listen to in 2019.

2 Dope Queens

Do you want to listen to a couple of hilarious gals? Definitely give these New Yorkers a chance. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are two black women that do live comedy shows all about their lives in the big city, record them and then post them as a podcast. The podcast is now planning its end, but there are so many hilariously fun episodes to choose from. Check them out on their HBO special that comes out this month!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

And you thought YOUR parents were cringe-worthy. Jamie Morton found out his dad wrote a collection of erotic novels and decided to read them. He now reads one chapter a week on his podcast alongside the company of his best friends, Alice Levine and Adam Cooper. Plus, the sensual words mixed with their British accents make everything so much better.

Guys we F****d

All those questions that you’ve ever wanted to ask about sex are finally being answered. Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson have come together to create a crazy, sex-positive duo in this podcast. While they bring in people who are in the sex industry and comedy circuit, they also bring in men that they’ve slept with and ask them a bunch of questions.


The SCARIEST podcast that is probably out there, without ever being scary! This improvised podcast consists of four guys from Toronto who literally do not know what they’re saying on their show, but it works and makes for a great story. Kind of.

My Brother, My Brother and Me

Ah, brotherly love. This podcast brings together three brothers who truly have something to say. Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy are here for the people. They offer advice on the challenges of life and specifically state that they are not experts on anything, but they try their hardest anyway.

How Did This Get Made?

Do you ever watch a movie and wonder how someone ever thought it was good? Same. June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas watch some of the worst movies that anyone has ever seen and talk about how horrible they are. You can even recommend what movies they should watch by tweeting at them, @HDTGM!

WTF With Marc Maron

Intelligent comedy is something that takes time to achieve and once you get to that level, never let it go. Marc Maron has been doing his podcast for almost 10 years, with a growing list of 990 episodes. While also working on shows like Glow, Maron brings in guests that create insanely interesting conversations.

Sooo Many White Guys

If you thought 2 Dope Queens was good, just wait. Phoebe from 2DQ has another show where she speaks on how tired she is of white men. She is finally taking the reins and showing the world how many amazing people there are, actors and artists alike, that are not white men, and there are a LOT.

That’s How I Remember It

Do you ever watch a movie and then try to explain it to someone else, but it just never really does it justice? That is exactly how this podcast will make you feel. Four Toronto besties/improv artists come together to try to tell the storylines of classic movies to the best of their abilities (which is not that good, like…at all).

The Basement Yard

The most random show with the most random topics. Joe Santagato runs this super fun show that has the craziest topics that you have never even thought about, but are genuinely curious about. Joe, himself, even describes the show as being one that is so strange that he doesn’t even know what it’s about. I guess you’ll have to listen to see!