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10 Exciting Records Being Pressed For Record Store Day

Record Store Day has been growing bigger and bigger every year since the idea was conceived in 2007, and a shopping list of bands are reissuing or releasing something brand new April 19th. It’s a very amiable initiative for both bands and fans to support since it celebrates independent brick-and-mortar record stores around the world and in Toronto.

Pixies just announced their first full length album since Trompe Le Monde in 1991 will come out April 29th. It’ll be called Indie Cindy and a special double vinyl of the album will be released 10 days early on Record Store Day.

Here are 10 other exciting records being pressed exclusively for Record Store Day April 19th.

lcdLCD Soundsystem – The Long Goodbye (LCD Soundsystem Live at Madison Square Garden)
This is the complete almost 4 hours worth of audio from their April 2, 2011 farewell show. It’s produced and mixed by James Murphy and Arcade Fire joined him on stage to sing backing vocals for a song. The digital version won’t be released until a month after Record Store Day.

brokenbellsBroken Bells – Holding On For Life
12″ Vinyl
This has 3 remixes of “Holding On For Life”, acapella and instrumental versions, and of course the original. It includes both Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend and Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s remixes.


jake buggJake Bugg – Live at Silver Platters
12″ Vinyl
Jake Bugg performed four stripped back acoustic songs during a performance at Silver Platters in Seattle. This record will feature the songs from both his self-titled debut album and Shangri La.


cageCage The Elephant – Take It Or Leave It
7″ Vinyl
You’ve probably already heard “Take It Or Leave It” from Cage The Elephant since it’s on Melophobia, on this record they’re also including an unreleased song called “Jesse James”.


cultsCults – Upstairs at United
12″ Vinyl
Cults recorded this album on February 3rd. It’s part of a series of live to tape recordings at the United Record Pressing plant in Nashville. They recorded the songs live to analog tape and then pressed and cut it in the same building.


cureThe Cure/Dinosaur Jr. – Side By Side Series
7″ Vinyl
This idea has been part of Record Store Day for a while and other bands are also doing it this year. The idea is a record that features the original song, and then a different band covering that song on the other side. For this one, The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” will be on one side, with Dinosaur Jr’s version on the other.


frightenedrabbitFrightened Rabbit – Live From Criminal Records
12″ Vinyl
This will feature 4 songs from Pedestrian Verse performed live at Criminal Records in Atlanta during their tour last year.


raylRay Lamontagne – Supernova
7″ Vinyl
Ray LaMontagne was trying to work with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys for 5 years and finally their schedules matched up. He went down to Nashville and recorded his upcoming record Supernova at Auerbach’s studio and it’s coming out May 6th. On Record Store Day you can hear a couple songs from it early including “Supernova” and “Pick up a Gun”.


tameimpalaTame Impala – Live Version
12″ Vinyl
This will consist of 8 live versions of previously released songs handpicked by Kevin Parker on how different they sound live from the album versions. The songs are taken from a concert they played in Chicago in 2013.


velvetThe Velvet Underground – Loaded
12″ Vinyl
This is the only reissue I put on this list but it’s the reissue of the last Velvet Underground album Lou Reed was a part of. He left the band shortly before it was released in 1970.

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