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10 Exotic Dishes in Toronto You Have to Try

In a city as diverse as Toronto, there are hundreds of different ethnic restaurants to try – some with very unique dishes. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Here are 10 exotic dishes you’ve got to taste in the city.

Mutton rolls at Little India

(Photo by: Kake via Flickr)

Mutton is just a fancy word for sheep meat. Head down to Little India on Queen West if you’re brave enough.

Haggis fritters at The Caledonian

(Photo by: extra-minty via Flickr)

If you don’t know what haggis is, you might not want to… It’s a Scottish delicacy made of sheep heart/liver/lungs. Try it at The Caledonian at College and Ossington.

Crispy pig ears at Biff’s Bistro
pig ears

(Photo by: Niall Kennedy via Flickr)

Forget fries, crispy pig ears are the next great sharing snack. Check out Biff’s Bistro on Front Street for this deep fried goodness.

Ostrich or camel burgers at Wild Burger

(Photo by: Sakena Ali via Flickr)

You might never go back to a regular old beef burger again. Find these tasty burgers at Wild Burger by Eglinton and Mount Pleasant.

Horse Tartare at The Black Hoof

(Photo by: Lucas Richarz via Flickr)

So hungry you could eat a horse? It’s not just a saying at The Black Hoof on Dundas West.

Roasted kangaroo fillet at Byzantium

(Photo by: Linny Heng via Flickr)

Kangaroos may be cute but they are also a very popular dish in Australia. Try it at Byzantium in Church-Wellesley Village.

Pig blood at King’s Noodle

(Photo by: Alpha via Flickr)

If you’re feeling a little vampirish, try the pig’s blood with veggies at King’s Noodle in Chinatown.

Cervello (lamb brain) fritti at Buca

(Photo by: Bill Roehl via Flickr)

Or maybe you’re feeling more like a zombie after catching up on The Walking Dead? Try the lamb brain fritti at Buca on King West and Portland.

Lengua (beef tongue) tacos at Rebozos

(Photo by: Alexa Clark via Flickr)

Tacos are super trendy in Toronto, so why not try some tongue tacos? Rebozos has one location at Dufferin and Rogers, and another at Bathurst and College.

Chicken feet at Rol San
chicken feet

(Photo by: Daremoshiranai via Flickr)

Chicken feet is a common dim sum dish, and you can find it at Rol San in Chinatown. It tastes better than it sounds, we promise.

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