10 Fake TV Bands We’ll Never Forget

We are the Boyz N Motion, we give you our devotion

As we learned from our list of unforgettable teen TV drama soundtracks, music plays a central part in the best teen shows. Whether it be a subplot that follows the coming-of-age story of the school band, or that one band that plays at the totally unrealistic bar that high schoolers hang out at, most of the time the show would be nothing without literal made-for-TV music. Here is our list of 10 unforgettable fake bands on TV.

Jesse & The Rippers — Full House

Honest to God if you heard Jesse & The Rippers’ cover of “Forever” on classic rock radio you would have no clue it’s from a fake band on Full House. John Stamos mixed his roots as a Beach Boys sideman into Jesse Katsopolis’ fictional band when the group made a music video for their cover of “Forever.” The fake band did other covers of classic songs, while winning the hearts of Full House lovers nationwide.


Zack Attack — Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell had its fair share of music moments…who could forget Kelly, Jesse, and Lisa’s debut as The Hot Sundaes? Or the many times Slater danced around in a leotard? But perhaps one of the most memorable of these moments was the fantasy episode in season three where the gang imagine being famous rockstars in the ABBA wannabe band Zack Attack? Their hit “Friends Forever” is a tearjerker for most, so be prepared to get hit by a wave of nostalgia watching the video below.


Frozen Embryos — My So-Called Life

Before there was Thirty Seconds to Mars there was The Frozen Embryos, a high school band that was started by the illusive Tino and heartthrob Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) My So Called Life. Later in the season, Rayanne is recruited as the band’s new lead singer after Tino quits, and the band’s name is changed to Residue.


Crucifictorious — Friday Night Lights

Crucifictorious was Friday Night Lights’ shitty metalcore band that liked to self-identify as a “Christian speed metal band.” In 2014, Friday Night Lights fans went nuts when Crucifictorious showed up in a Parenthood crossover episode, featuring Landry Clarke in all his raging glory.


Creation — Freaks and Geeks

Most commonly known as Creation but also called Mission Control and Anarchy’s Child, this TV band may have been short-lived but will forever hold a place in our hearts. Featuring members Ken Miller, Daniel Desario, Sean and Nick Andopolis, Creation played an integral role in the music loving series, giving a home to Nick’s love for drums.


The Zit Remedy — Degrassi

The Zit Remedy performed multiple times throughout the first generation of Degrassi, and yet the band only ever played one song. At first listen, “Everybody Wants Something” sounds like an inspiring anthem about never giving up, but when listened to carefully, it’s actually a dark song about getting robbed by a capitalist society. At least that’s how I interpret it.


Boyz N Motion — That’s So Raven

The Cheetah Girls were way too cool for this list, so let’s take a look at the second best fake Family Channel band, the Boyz N Motion. How could we forget that boy band that gave us the lyrics Can you feel the beat inside?/Showing what you try and hide…/I can feel the rhythm of your heart ? Or when The Boyz show up at Raven’s house and fulfill the ‘90s girl’s dream of having to hide the Backstreet Boys from screaming fans at their house and then miraculously becoming best friends with the heart throbs? Or was that just me?


Josie and the Pussycats — Riverdale/Josie and the Pussycats

Don’t forget that before Riverdale there was the Josie and the Pussycats animated tv series. Whether in cartoon form or an everyone-is-dressed-for-school-in-formal-wear CW teen drama, Josie and the Pussycats are one of the most rad fictional bands to exist.


Dingoes Ate My Baby — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Kicking it back to when Seth Green was the lead guitarist of Dingoes Ate My Baby. A werewolf in a cool high school band was exactly what Buffy the Vampire Slayer needed. The band’s music was actually written and performed by the real California band Four Star Mary.


Hep Alien — Gilmore Girls

A fictional TV band list wouldn’t be complete without Hep Alien, the band that Lane Kim started in Gilmore Girls, and thus began Lane and Zack’s epic romance. Fun fact, the name “Hep Alien” is actually made up of the letters in the name Helen Pai, which is the name of producer Amy Sherman-Palladino’s best friend.