10 Fast Food Items We Would Like to See on Grocery Store Shelves

Bring home the calories.

Perhaps you’ve heard that McDonald’s and Heinz are working together to bring both Big Mac Sauce and Filet-O-Fish sauce to Canadian grocery stores this spring. That’s great news for people who’ve failed to recognize the similar properties already offered by Thousand Island Dressing and standard tartar sauce.

While the sauces are sure to be hot-selling products when they launch, the news got us to thinking about other fast food items we’d like to see available in Canadian grocery stores.

Here are 10 of our fast food favourites we’d like to see on grocery store shelves.

Dairy Queen Blizzard

While a trip to your local DQ location is never a bad idea, the prospect of having your own personal ice cream tub full of one of the many fantastic Blizzard flavours waiting in your freezer offers a level of convenience the human race should have afforded itself by the year 2017.

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KFC’s secret mix of 11 herbs and spices

We’re willing to keep it simple with this one; A shake ‘n bake-style product would suffice. Give us the colonel in our kitchens.


McDonald’s french fries

Fast food fanatics can debate burgers until the end of time. What’s not up for debate is who’s got the best fries. The answer is McDonald’s and it’s about time we should be able to cart a bag of those frozen shoestrings home from the grocery store.

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A&W burger patties

A&W has enjoyed something of a renaissance in Canada in recent years with locations popping up on city street corners and highways stops everywhere. We’ve embraced the burger family, now it’s time to take them home.


Burger King’s zesty sauce

Enough with the homemade hacks. The zesty sauce alone is worth a trip to BK, but a squeeze bottle in the fridge would be a welcome addition to any personal condiment collection.

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Arby’s sauce

Arby’s has become a punchline of sorts on the fast food circuit but, dammit, it ain’t fair. The sandwich shop sent its sauces to grocery store shelves in the United States a few years ago, but Canadians have been denied this squeezable delicacy. Make it right, Arby’s.

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Popeye’s biscuits

Know your history. The people we know as Pilgrims didn’t arrive on North American shores in 1620 in search of religious freedom…they came for Popeye’s biscuits.


Bojangles’ chicken strips

Bojangles’ Famous Chicken and Biscuits hasn’t expanded its operations to Canada yet, but Canucks who have experienced the chain south of the border never fail to regale the uninitiated with tales of its greatness. How ’bout a little test run with some frozen tenders available in grocery stores?

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Carl’s Jr. jalapeno poppers

Carl’s Jr. never really took off in Ontario, which is a shame because their jalapeno poppers rank among the best fast food side dish options on the planet. While you can find locations in Western Canada, a study by the University of My Taste Buds indicated that a readily available version of these poppers could help reignite Upper Canadian interest.

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The Stockyards’ onion rings

The Stockyards is no fast food joint, but rather a Toronto BBQ institution. The beloved St. Clair smokehouse took its onion rings off the menu years ago, but those deep fried loops have since inspired a Twitter account and become something Toronto food lovers tell their children about. If we can’t have them on location then for the love of god please give us a frozen bag of those little bastards. It’s been too long.

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(Not pictured: Stockyards’ onion rings)