10 GIFs That Capture Our Reactions to People Touching Our Phones

Hands off!

Our phones have become an extension of our being. They’re ours, and if someone else needs to lay their hands on our phones they better have a good reason.

Here are 10 GIFs that perfectly capture the range of emotions we experience when another person places their hands on our mobile devices.

When Someone Across the Room Picks Up Your Phone


When You Tell Someone Twice to Leave Your Phone Alone



When someone is scrolling through Instagram on Your Phone


When a Stranger asks to Use Your Phone


When someone with greasy fingers touches your phone


When you let someone see a photo and they keep scrolling


When a Random Picks Up Your Phone



When she says “Who you texting?”


When your new partner finds old texts on your phone


When your mom is scrolling your phone too liberally


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