10 GIFs That Perfectly Summarize Your Car Troubles

It ain't easy being a car owner

There are a lot of perks when it comes to being a car owner: you can be on time to places (although you might not anyway), you can travel long distances, and most importantly…you don’t have to rely on public transit.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s all smooth sailing. Owning a car has it’s fair share of problems, that you might admit has made you consider driving your old jalopy to the nearest dump. In celebration, with the help of our friends at RepairMatch.ca, we’ve put together this list of GIFs that we think summarize every day car troubles.

When your friend tries to open the car door before you hit unlock

when there’s no radio dial, only a “seek” button


when that tire pressure/engine check light comes on



When you use windshield wiper and forget the window’s open

when your friend’s gaslight symbol has been glowing for the past 30KM on the highway

When your car starts making that noise again

When you pass your friend the aux cord



When you lock your keys in the car

When you hit that mud puddle right outside the car wash

When your friend slams the car door


In the name of avoiding car troubles, RepairMatch.ca writes, Do You Know The 5 Worst Roads in Toronto? For more info on RepairMatch, check out the video below!