These days it’s hard to find an artist who isn’t using social media to both engage and build their fan base. That said, everyone is doing it differently. Arcade Fire has shown to be masters of social media marketing with their brilliant long-tail campaign for Reflektor executed this summer and fall. Other bands use it as a daily communication tool to let fans know about album releases, appearances, shows, and merch, as well as to share photos, videos, and audio.

We wanted to point out 10 bands who are using social media to both entertain, inform, and most importantly talk to their audiences daily. Extra points for humour, of course. Tell us who you think should be on the list in the comments below.

Here are the Top 10 Indie musicians and bands to follow on social media.

Owen Pallet | Twitter

Owen Pallet has always been considered one of the most outspoken artists. Just take a look at his Twitter account. His witty random thoughts are bound to elicit a few loud “HA”s.



July Talk | Twitter, Instagram

Toronto buzz-band has created an entire visual aesthetic for their band – sexy, clean, monochromatic while always rock’n roll. Their regular Instagram posts are fantastic.


Yoni Wolf | Twitter, Instagram

Frontman of the avant-indie-rap group Why? has been pushing audiences’ buttons for years . With his unique blend of low-fi indie and hip-hop that sometimes his music often resembles a Freudian fever-dream. His social media posts are no different. See below.


Ed Droste | Twitter, Instagram

Grizzly Bear frontman is a notoriously outspoken, hilarious and self-proclaimed social media addict. He posts multiple times a day on both Twitter and Instagram and is also a fantastic photographer. Behind-the-scenes at its best.


AC Newman | Twitter

New Pornographers frontman Carl “AC” Newman is truly one of the wittiest and most hilarious indie rockers on Twitter. When you follow Newman expect sudden bursts of late night Twitter hilarity as he takes to social media for a real time conversation with anyone who is willing to engage. Truly entertaining.



Neko Case | Twitter, Instagram

Neko Case’s songs are often brutally honest – sometimes painfully so. Her social media presence mixes that with a dose of black humour that makes you love Neko even more.


The Darcys | Twitter, Instagram

Toronto Art-Rock band The Darcys carry over their beautifully crafted aesthetic to social media, regularly posting photos that look like they belong on a gallery wall.


Justin Veron | Twitter, Instagram

Bon Iver frontman is very active on social media and is clearly not taking himself too seriously with an Instagram user name like “blobtower”.


Ezra Koenig |Twitter, Instagram

Vampire Weekend frontman is known his for clever tongue twisting and highly imagistic lyrics. Koenig takes to social media with the same level of creativity and humour.


Lorde | Twitter

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