10 Of The Best Late Night Eats in Toronto

The best meals are eaten after midnight tbh

Is it just me or does food somehow taste better at 1 AM? What you crave differs depending on what kind of night you’re having, but what doesn’t change is how satisfying the taste is. Toronto has some killer late-night resto’s that will suite all your late night, munchie needs. With the amount of options there are, you can pick a new spot every time! Here are some of Toronto’s top spots for late-night goods:

Fran’s Restaurant & Bar

Let’s kick this off with a classic. Fran’s has been opened since the 40’s and has been satisfying stomachs since. Their all-day breakfast option is not something to take for granted, as well as their award winning apple pie. This place is open 24 hours and we seriously couldn’t live without it.

Poutini’s House of Poutine

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Arguably the best food to eat after a night of bar-hopping and drinking. Poutini’s is open until midnight on Monday’s to Thursday’s and 3:30 A.M on Friday’s and Saturday’s – and all we can say is “thank you”. There are over 11 options for you to choose from and, trust me, you’re going to want to eat them all. Load up on their “teeny weeny tiny” size and have yourself a poutine buffet.

Rol San

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If you can’t eat dim sum until the bright hours of the morning, we can’t be friends. Rol San has an impressive schedule, being open from 2 A.M everyday — except Friday and Saturday where they extended it to 5 A.M. You’d be surprised how many other late-night foodies are packing tables here, but once you try it, you’ll know why.

Thompson Diner

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The Thompson Diner is open until 3 A.M and serves some food combo’s beyond your wildest dreams. Dishing out some of your favourite versions of comfort classics like their skillet-baked mac n’ cheese, this place will have you coming back at all hours of the day.

Fancy Franks

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Sometimes you just need to indulge in upgraded versions of street food. Fancy Franks takes the ball-park classic and gives is a wild twist. They’ve also got burgers, poutines, and milkshakes to satisfy your late-night needs. You’ll never know you needed a hot dog with 2 Fried Eggs, Bacon, and Honey Dijon Mayo until you make a stop at Franks.

Alexandros World Famous Gyros

This is a top-spot for some delicious late-night grub. Alexandro’s is serving up delicious gyros and souvlaki until 5 A.M on weekends and 4 A.M on weeknights. The price, open-close time, and (of course) delicious food is what makes this Greek stop a must in Toronto. People from all over the world have tried this place and now you should too!

Sneaky Dee’s

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You haven’t lived until you’ve tried some of Sneaky Dee’s famous nachos at three in the morning. This 80’s inspired pub is a go-to for classic bar food that’ll make your heart happy no matter what time it is. Anywhere that has nine options for nacho platters is a place you want to be.

Grand Electric

Taco Tuesday is every day in my books. Head to Grand Electric for some of the tastiest tacos you’ll ever have, along with some other combos until midnight Sunday to Wednesday and 1 A.M from Thursday to Saturday. Although it may not be open as late as it’s other competitors, it’s still as equally tasty.

416 Snack Bar

416 Snack Bar is the ultimate late night adventure. Enjoy an array of reasonably priced snacks that you’ll want to keep eating all night long. Their eggplant-double down is one of their top menu items, plus you can count it as your daily vegetable intake if you really think about it. Snack until 2 A.M at one of T.O’s top spots.

The Lakeview

Anyone who gives me a gravy-boat size of hollandaise sauce takes the place of my best friend. Lakeview Restaurant has been the city’s treasure since 1932 and is still serving up classics like their critically acclaimed, clubhouse sammie. If that isn’t enticing enough, you can even catch this place make some cameos in iconic movies like this year’s “Shape of Water”!

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