10 Of The Craziest & Colourful Hairstyles In Rock History

Hair-do inspiration, anyone?

Throughout the course of rock history, the world has seen some pretty crazy trends – especially when it comes to style. There was a time when it was plausible that if you didn’t have an off-the-wall hairstyle to set you apart from the rest, you weren’t cut out for the industry. Some stars even became well-known more so for their radical hairstyles than for their music. Either way, whether an icon for hair or for music, these rockstars were lead to greatness.

From reverse green mohawks to icy blonde hair teased to the clouds, there’s definitely been some epic do’s that have rocked the scene. Here are the craziest ones we think you should take note of.

David Bowie

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Bowie’s transformation into Ziggy Stardust was one of the most striking moments in music history. The bright red quaff in the front with a mullet party in the back was a look that will never be forgotten.

Mike Score

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If anyone needs hairspray, Score probably has it all. The story behind this ‘do is that Score’s hair was all spiked up, then one of the other members from Flock of Seagulls came and smacked him on the head which shoved his hair down in the middle. The more you know!

Keith Flint

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I’m sensing some Joker inspiration happening here. Not to mention, in the right lighting, the style can look seemingly alike to devil horns.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

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Red, Blonde, and Pink oh my! This whole band was rocking some insane hair colours, providing some excellent examples of hairstyles.

Boy George

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There’s a whole lot going on here. Although he’s rocked some other amazing styles, this has got to be a fan favourite. Kind of like an earlier, less dirty Jack Sparrow look, don’t you think?

Robert Smith

The Cure’s Robert Smith single-handedly saved the hairspray industry with this look. Smith’s hair has been compared to some pretty crazy things; however, Edward Scissorhands knocks them all out of the park.

Cyndi Lauper

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Bobby pins are out and clothes pins are in! Lauper has rocked every hair colour and looks good every time! Hardly anyone can pull off a bright yellow bang quite like she can.

Billy Idol

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Who can forget the spiked, ice blonde trend? Billy Idol probably had the sharpest hair in the industry and still rocks the style to this day.

John Lydon

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Everyone loves this whacked out, bright red hairstyle. The secret to the ‘do? Turning your head upside down and rubbing in some gel while your hair’s still wet.

Nina Hagen

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German punk artist Nina Hagen always made hairstyles that looked wild! Whether it was spiky jet black, firey red, or yellow with light pink – it always looked on point. She could definitely star in the next, live action Tim Burton movie