10 of the Most Memorable Super Bowl Half Time Performances

The best part of the game

For all your casual sports fans who watch the Super Bowl simply for the halftime show, this is for you as we recall 10 of the most memorable performances in Super Bowl history. Let’s take a look back at the good, bad, incredible and absolutely not okay halftime show performance moments…

10. Blues Brothers

Rewind to 1997. What better way to hype up the crowd by bringing out the coolest duo of all time? The Blues Brothers took the stage in their signature black shades alongside James Brown & ZZ Top. The stage turned into an instrumental magic land filled with sax solo’s, the coolest guitar riffs, and of course some sweet sweet moves.


9. The King of Pop

Micheal Jackson completely crushed his performance during the 1993 Halftime show. He performed an medley including “Jam”, “Billie Jean”, “Black or White”, “We are the World” and “Heal the World”. The performance ended with a casual hand holding circle around a massive blow up Earth with at least 300 children…Take a glimpse, it’s not that weird I promise…


8. It’s Brittany Bish

Brittany Spears, Aerosmith, and ‘N Sync took to the halftime stage in 2001. Trust me, you didn’t want to miss a thing. Between the ‘N Sync boys jumping around in their extremely tight flashy pants to Brittany Spears and Steven Tyler’s duet to “Walk This Way”….Mary J Blige got thrown into the mix as well at some point… It was a cluster of pop tarts and Steven Tyler was like their parental guardian.


7.Hey Dude…*Jude

Paul McCartney, the now one man show and one of the best songwriters of all time took to the stage in 2005. There’s not much to say about this one… You really can’t go wrong with Paul McCartney.


6. Start Me Up

The Rolling Stones came in hot to the halftime stage in 2006. The boys in black killed their performance and totally got the crowd going with their hits “Start Me Up”, “Rough Justice” and the classic “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.


5. Purple Rain for the Brain

The prince of funk, Prince. Got jiggy with it during the 2007 halftime show. He sported a killer baby blue suit and destroyed guitar solo after solo on his custom-built purple guitar, shaped like the symbol he once replaced his name with.


4. Flippin the Bird

The Material Girl dominated the 2012 halftime show alongside Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. Dressed up as cheerleaders the mix and matched trio’s performance was flawless until M.I.A decided to flip off the camera’s mid-performance. Note to self, M.I.A. is a bad ass.


3. Sasha Fierce

It’s Queen B people! Beyonce took over the stage during the 2013 half time show. She made a large racial statement during her performance by having her background dancers dressed like the Black Panthers. Destiny’s Child also made an appearance, joining Beyonce on stage to perform the once trio’s hits that got them on the charts before Beyonce took to her solo career.


2. Jawdropping

Katy Perry had by far the coolest props on stage during her 2016 halftime performance. From coming out on a massive metallic lion for her song “Rawr” to dancing sharks. The people went nuts for the sharks…for real. The shark costumes got more attention online than Katy’s entire performance. Oh ya, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot got their freak on to.


1. Free The Nipple

Janet Jackson’s nipple was indeed freed during the end of her and Justin Timberlake’s halftime show performance in 2004. Wardrobe malfunction or not…Everyone got a peek. (The magic happens at 4:05 – NSFW)