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10 Of Toronto’s Spiciest Dishes

Calling anyone who has an iron stomach, these resto’s have dishes with your name on it! If you have a serious love for sweating head to toe, feeling like you can breathe fire, or clearing up a stuffy that nose you didn’t know you had, you came to the right place.

Here are 10 locations in Toronto that are home to some seriously spicy foods!

GANDHI INDIAN CUISINE – Chicken Vindaloo Roti (Extra Hot)

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Gandhi’s has a mild, medium, and hot option, but if you’re a true spice lover, you’re going to want to go the extra mile. This dish is definitely not for you if you’re new to the spicy-food game – it will seriously melt your face off. Some say isn’t too bad, others say their face burned all day. There’s only one way for you to find out which one you’ll be.


Remain calm in case a fire starts in your mouth. The spice is no joke at Five Points Hot Chicken, every flavour besides mild and plain will have your tastebuds tingling. You’re going to need to load up on their Buttermilk ranch sauce if you want to attempt to dull the burn, not that there’s anything wrong with having house-made dip by your side!

DUFF’S FAMOUS WINGS – Armageddon Wings

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These wings at Duff’s are so hot that they have the option for you to just buy one. It’s a mix of vinegary habanero and scotch bonnet peppers, so the burn will be anything but mild. If you think you can handle it, see if you can get your name up on their ‘Wall of Pain’.

SALAD KING – Anything With 20 Chilies

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Spice up any one of your fav dishes from Salad King to get steam coming from your ears. Some of these dishes already have intense chilies in them but you have the option to add x20 to suit your spice needs! Some say just a few chilies are spicy enough, but you can be the judge of that.

KENZO RAMEN – Spicy Charsu Ramen (Level 3)

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This dish will definitely bring out your competitive side. Kenzo has a special challenge for anyone who orders this deathly, spicy bowl: if you manage to stand up after finishing the entire bowl (including the soup), you get it for free and have your photo posted on a wall! Sounds simple right? I wouldn’t be so sure, their level 3 spice does not show mercy.


If you’re looking for some killer, Sri Lankan cuisine Saffron Spice Kitchen is your go-to. Add as much spice to any dish that intrigues you, but be warned, they don’t skimp out. Order as much mango lassi as you want, you’re going to need it.


This hot and spicy stew is seriously, knock your socks off hot. It’s mixed with a ton of spices; however, berbere and a chili pepper blend are the stand out stars. It’s served with Injera, a spongy flatbread, to act as a barricade for your mouth and the hotter-than-hot stew. It’s an excuse to eat all the bread you desire!


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The Scarborough resto doesn’t have the name of this dish in caps just for fun. This Indian-Chinese Hakka and Cantonese Cuisine haven has some spice-punching plates. A lot of dishes are labeled with a chili or two, but the pepper fish is the one you’ve got to look out for.

HOT SPICY SPICY – Popcorn chicken

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Hot Spicy Spicy is going to be your new fav place when you’re craving some spice-packed dishes. They don’t sleep on the spice here – it’s either covered in chilies or not at all. They have several firey-hot dishes for you to choose from, but their popcorn chicken is an all-time favourite. It’s an eye-watering spice, so bring some tissues.

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