10 pop albums indie lovers would enjoy

You don't have to shy away from pop music!

Dear indie lovers, you don’t have to shy away from pop!

Something huge is happening on the pop scene, as artists begin to bend and break the confines of the genre, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From the dreamy, expansive instrumentals from MUNA to the unbelievable collaborations with indie artists on Beyoncé’s Lemonade, we’re here to show you that there’s something in pop for you to love.

Check out 10 pop albums indie lovers would enjoy below.

Saves The World – MUNA

Californian indie pop trio Muna made their return this year with their expansive, vulnerable new pop record, Saves The World. The new record serves as the perfect sophomore record, as the trio let their dynamic, dreamy instrumentals weave through tales of heartbreak and trauma. Opening with “Grow,” the album launches into a desolate, sparse vocal landscape, making for a powerfully emotional entry into the 12-track record. From Robyn-style sad pop bangers like “Number One Fan” to the warping sounds of “Navy Blue,” this album is a forceful, driven record you’re sure to be playing on repeat.

Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

Reigning pop goddess Lizzo has given us a gift with Cuz I Love You, which ranges from catchy hooks that you’ll be singing on repeat to elaborate tracks that highlight the artist’s vocal finesse. From the power behind the album’s title track to the upbeat energy of “Juice,” Cuz I Love You is a must-listen for all indie lovers.

thank u, next – Ariana Grande

Queen of pop Ariana Grande had to make it onto this list, as she drops some of the catchiest bops around. Her latest album thank u, next is simultaneously the most relaxed and refined version of that. From the bouncy instrumental lines and whistle notes in “imagine,” to the unbelievable hooks in “7 rings,” you can’t deny that this pop album is an explosion collection of powerhouse tracks.

Lemonade – Beyoncé

Not only is Beyoncé’s Lemonade a revolutionary pop album, but it also features some of indie’s biggest artists. This perfectly punchy pop record features indie-influenced tracks like “Forward,” which features James Blake; “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” which features Jack White;” and “Hold Up,” which was co-written by Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig. Lemonade is sure to hit home with indie lovers, as it comes packed with catchy riffs and unbelievably impactful hooks that will stick with you long after the album is over.

Cheap Queen – King Princess

Rising pop star King Princess’ powerful, transgressive debut album Cheap Queen is a must-listen on this list. The full-length album is a glimpse at King Princess’ impressive dynamism, as she weaves in and out of genres with ease while letting her soothing, throaty vocals shine. The refined record is a sophisticated first effort from the young artist, as she leans in to her sexuality and her vulnerability on each and every track. Opening with the sultry jazz-pop tune, “Tough On Myself,” this dynamic album weaves in and out of pop-hybrids, ranging from upbeat ’80s synth bangers to honest, heartbreaking ballads like “Isabel’s Moment.”

Honey – Robyn

This year, Swedish pop star Robyn made a come back with her first new album in eight years, Honey. The long-awaited follow up record to 2010’s Body Talk series is an unapologetically pop album featuring more emotional vulnerability than we’ve ever seen from the Swedish star. The tracks are a surge of synth and strings with dance-inducing, euphoric tracks that take on difficult themes like grief, uncertainty, and hopelessness. The record features new textures and softness with crisp beats and vocal melodies.

ANTI – Rihanna

Rihanna’s ANTI is a dynamic, playful collection of genre-bending pop tracks, ranging from acoustic ballads to silky jazz anthems. Not only does this album come with punch tracks like “Love On The Brain” gritty jazz bops like “Higher,” but it even contains a cover of Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes.” Rihanna’s rendition of the track, which is called “Same Ol’ Mistakes,” sees the pop sensation making the psychedellic tune funky and hypnotic.

Blonde – Frank Ocean

You’re sure to have Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated follow-up to Channel Orange after a first listen. Blonde, which on the surface appears to be an R&B or pop album, comes packed with silky, processed instrumentals that calls upon the likes of the indie genre. From the gritty guitar riffs in “Ivy” to the silky harmonies in “Self Control,” this album is filled to the brim with innovative melodies and vulnerable lyricism, featuring stand out lines like, “Did you call me from a séance, you are from a past life.”


Swedish singer-songwriter LÉON’s elaborate, intimate indie-pop tunes are catchy and she’s quickly gone viral with her relatable, vulnerable lyrics. Her husky pop music comes packed with powerhouse vocals and killer beats that truly drive the tracks forward. Her full-length debut album comes packed with sharp lyricism, and explores relatable, yet vulnerable themes like heartbreak and growing up.


Billie Eilish’s groundbreaking and spooky debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is perfect for indie lovers, as its a distinctive and unique genre, which we have coined as horror pop. Eilish may be only 17-years-old, but she knows who she wants to be and the kind of music she wants to make, as she has really honed her darkly complex, bewitching, angst-filled sound throughout these fourteen tracks. Filled with sickly-sweet hits and bass-heavy bangers, this album is paving the way for an entirely new, subversive style of music.