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10 Reasons Why You Should Feel Patriotic on Canada Day

Canadians are painted with interesting stereotypes. People assume we’re all polite, love Celine Dion, and live in an endless winter. Here are 10 reasons to feel all patriotic this Canada Day.
1. While other powerful countries in the world chose fearsome predators or proud and noble animals as their national symbol, Canada chose the beaver, which is about par for the course.

(Photo by ahmad bakri via Flickr)

2. We don’t have pennies! Take a moment and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to spend your Saturday afternoon rolling up a bucket of pennies that will amount to about 10 dollars.

(Photo by jeffrey via Flickr)

3. We legalized same sex marriage…in 2005. Some countries are still debating this basic right. Canada was the 4th country in the world to legalize it on July 20th 2005.

(Photo by Lisa Redfern via Flickr)

4. Ketchup Chips are hard to find in other countries around the world. Same goes with All Dressed.

(Photo by Patrick Lorenz via Flickr)

5. The federal government’s maple syrup reserve! Our country has a monetary system where our money’s value is directly linked to maple syrup. That may not be true, but in Quebec they do have a warehouse with 38-million pounds of maple syrup stored and valued at over $100-million to help keep that market afloat.

(Photo by Jake Bellucci via Flickr)

6. Universal Healthcare. If you’ve ever been frustrated with having to sit for 3 hours in the ER waiting room to get your cough checked, one day you will find comfort after spending 4 days in a hospital bed and owing little to nothing for it.
empty waiting room

(Photo by Nicolai Grut via Flickr)

7. Terrible winters mean more fashion options that they don’t have in California. Remember that feeling of immense joy and confidence you felt after finding the perfect winter coat?
Winter Storm

(Photo by Greg’s Southern Ontario via Flickr)

8. All Canadians are born with the ability to skate on ice. While children in other countries around the world have to work hard to learn the skill, Canadians are born with the ability and grace already instilled.
Harbour skating

(Photo by Marian Dork via Flickr)

9. That chicken dance song that’s played at every wedding was originally written in Switzerland in the 50s, but the popular polka version everyone plays was recorded by a Canadian band called The Emeralds.

10. Being from Alberta, I had never seen bagged milk until I moved to Toronto and still haven’t tried it but I need a 10th for this list so here we are.

(Photo by Dubbeu via Flickr)

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