10 Signs That You Could Be A Music Snob

If you answered "yes" to any of these, you might be a music snob

1. You’ve corrected multiple people on the proper pronunciation of Bon Iver.

2. You look at Pitchfork’s opinion before making your own.

3. You’re constantly saying “I liked their older stuff better”.

4. Your calendar has more album release dates scheduled, than actual dates.

5. You have records so valuable you won’t even play them.

6. You have a playlist for everything, doesn’t matter how specific. “Songs to cry to while showering”, “Songs to drive to my friend Brad’s house to”, you get the idea.


7. Your friends always say, “I have no idea who that is” when you’re talking about bands.

8. You wish the radio would play your favourite artists, but you complain when they do. “Ugh, now EVERYONE likes these guys”.

9. You make it very known that you HATE pop music.

10. You were scared enough to read this article because you secretly know you’re a music snob.