10 Things About Michael Wekerle

Get to know more about the man who bought the El Mocambo

Last week one of Toronto’s most iconic venues was saved by a last minute purchase. The man with the giant cheque was Michael Wekerle. But who exactly is this mystery man? We know he’s on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, but there is more to the very successful man who has given new life to one of Toronto’s most iconic music venues.

Here are 10 things you might not know about Michael Wekerle:

1. Mike is a music fan, which is obviously a big reason why he snatched up the ‘El Mo’ but he also throws an annual charity concert called “Wekfest” in his hometown of Caldeon, Ontario.

2. Working in finance here in Toronto has earned him the reputation as “one of the greatest traders Bay street has ever seen”.

3. He prefers to be called “Wek”.

4. Wek doesn’t frown upon tattoos in the work place, having numerous pieces himself. One of them is the famous Rolling Stones lips and tongue logo.

5. He was born in Toronto and attended York University before dropping out to work on Bay Street.

6. Some of his favourite bands are Sloan, Our Lady Peace, 54-40, and of course, The Rolling Stones.

7. Michael is very active in the Toronto charity scene and is a big supporter of both CAMH and The Seeds of Hope Foundation.

8. Wek liked one of the teenagers he met through The Seeds of Hope Foundation so much that he paid for them to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta including room and board and tuition that runs over $40,000 per year.

9. Michael is the reason that Toronto got a “Wahlburgers” – the Boston burger joint created by none other than Marky Mark Wahlberg.
whal burgers

10. One of the most fun facts about Wek is that he actually applied for the 88.1 signal, which was eventually awarded to well, us.