10 Things About Milky Chance

Where did these guys come from?!

Who/what is a Milky Chance? This German duo exploded onto the music scene with their single “Stolen Dance” and yet we still don’t know much about the frizzy-haired gentlemen. This is about to change as we dive deep into the milky waters to find out more about these dudes from Deutschland.

Here are 10 things about Milky Chance:

1.They describe their music as pop/folk/rock with reggae and electronic influences – your typical German music.
milky chance duo

2. The names of the men in this band are neither Milky nor Chance; they are in fact Clemens Rehbein and Phillipp Dausch.

3. Both Clemens and Phillipp were in a four-piece jazz band called Flown Tones before they broke off into a two piece.

4. The two met on the first day of “Advanced Music Class” in grade 11 and have been best friends ever since.
milky chance buddies

5. Milky Chance’s entire debut record Sadnecessary was recorded in a tiny studio built in the house Clemens grew up in.

6. The video for “Stolen Dance” currently sits at almost 79 million views on Youtube.

7. They came into Indie88 to perform a sweet little Black Box Session that you will be able to see soon. Here’s a taste until it comes out.

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8. Milky Chance teamed up with Raina to give you some seriously strange hair while they were here.

Milky Chance stopping by to record a session!

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9. They are very artistically gifted as their image on our artist wall demonstrates.
milky chance

10. They had only played two shows before they decided to make a record.