10 Things About The Rural Alberta Advantage

Hot off the heels of their album release, get to know The Rural Alberta Advantage

Their third studio record Mended with Gold is officially out today, so what better time to get to know Nils, Amy and Paul, a.k.a. The Rural Alberta Advantage, than right now.

Here are 10 things about The RAA:

1. All three members have day jobs: Paul is a lawyer, Amy writes for television, and Nils is an engineer.

2. Don’t let the name fool you. Singer Nils is the only who grew up in Alberta, Paul and Amy are from Toronto.

3. Next year the group will celebrate 10 years as a band.

4. Their first ever practice space was shared with The Wooden Sky.

5. Indie88 presents RAA at The Danforth Music Hall on December 18th.

6. Their 2011 record Departing was long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize that year.

7. The band formed after the three started hosting a weekly open stage night. The attendance was never great and it was usually just Amy, Paul and Nils jamming.

8. RAA was recently part of Massey Hall’s 1894 Series, where their performance was beautifully captured:

9. Amy and Paul met at a comedy club when Amy took the stage to say, “I’m looking for a drummer, does anyone here know how to drum?”

10. It took the band three years of playing together before they were ready for a show.