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10 Things To Never Say At Your Holiday Dinner

There are some conversations that are great for holiday dinners, and there are some things that are reserved for other times or should be never said at all. Some things are better left unsaid – especially during holiday dinner.
“I can’t believe you voted for him.”
Unless it’s a poke about a crack pipe that everyone would find funny, contentious political talk should never be spoken about while hammering down the yams.
“No wine for me, I gave up drinking when I saw how it ruins families.”
The holier-than-now routine will get you the cold shoulder and a deprived second serving of the turkey.
Better wine pic

(Photo by: Martin Cathrae via Flickr)

“How does your God celebrate his birthday?”
Like above, unless it’s a cute remark about Jesus’ bornday, religion is an topic that shouldn’t be chewed.
“This house is so much smaller than your old one.”
Making the hosts feel bad isn’t the way to get the last Nanaimo bar.

(Photo by: Ron via Flickr)

“Your team sucks.”
Much like politics and religion, sharing thoughts about the father-in-law’s favourite team is not a slam dunk while dunking fries in the gravy.
“Why aren’t you eating the ‘homemade’ apple pie I  brought?”
They can tell you bought that pie at Loblaws. Especially with the Loblaws sticker on the bottom of the box.
Homemade Apple Pie

(Photo by: Winston Wong via Flickr)

“Nice sweater.”
Sarcastic snarls about the host’s ugly sweater will get you denied dessert.   

(Photo by: Randy Lane via Flickr)

“Got any cool Christmas music?”
You might only like Julian Casablancas’ “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” or Band-Aid, but never diss their love for Ben E King and Bing Crosby.

“This is delicious! Where did you order it from?”
This is as bad as asking a girl if she’s pregnant when she’s not. They’ll spit in your Egg Nog.
“This dinner is going right through me.”
Never reference the stories of the washroom. At the dinner table, we pretend people don’t do that.
Angry guy

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(Main Photo by Siri Schwartzman via Flickr)

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