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10 Things You Might Not Know About Arts & Crafts

We are just days away from one of Toronto’s most anticipated festivals of the summer. This Saturday and Sunday, thousands of Torontonians will head over to Fort York for Arts & Crafts Field Trip to see a mix of acts; some signed to the label and some friends that are coming along to help out.

In the spirit of this weekend’s festivities, here are 10 facts you might not know about Arts & Crafts:

1. In 2003, Jeff Remedios left Virgin Records to create this label with Kevin Drew (co-founder of Broken Social Scene).
kevin drew

2. ‘A&C’ was originally created just for Broken Social Scene to have a vehicle for their own releases.

3. The Most Serene Republic was the first band unrelated to ‘BSS’ that was signed to the label.
most serene

4. Rolling Stone magazine called co-founder Jeffery Remedios “A key insider in reshaping the music biz.”

5. Arts & Crafts has been nominated for 5 Juno awards for Album Artwork of the Year, most recently winning Recording Package of the Year for Arts & Crafts: 2003-2013 in April.
MUSIC Junos 20120401

6. Along with their Toronto branch, there is also an Arts & Crafts building in Mexico City. They produce records as well as license material from other international labels.

7. In addition to the Broken Social Scene albums, the first releases from the label were from Stars, Jason Collet, Feist, Apostle Hustle and Valley of Giants.

8. Last year’s Field Trip Music & Arts Festival was created with the purpose of celebrating 10 years as a label, but it was so successful they decided to go for round 2 this summer.
field trip

9. Along with last year’s festival, A&C celebrated their 10 year anniversary with Arts & Crafts: X – a compilation of collaborations from artists signed to the label.

10. Arts & Crafts has had 4 albums reach gold status: Broken Social Scene’s Broken Social Scene and You Forgot It in People, Star’s Set Yourself on Fire, and Feist’s Metals. One record reached platinum status: Feist’s Let it Die. And one reached double platinum: Feist’s The Reminder.

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