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10 Things You Might Not Know About Lowell

Hot off the heels of her performance at Indie88’s 1st Birthday Party and the release of her debut LP today, we dive into all things Lowell. She’s one of Toronto’s fastest rising stars and if you’ve been streaming We Loved Her Dearly then you understand why. It’s time to learn a little more about local darling Lowell.

Here are ten things you might not know about Lowell:

1. Lowell just performed for an Indie88 Hidden Studio Session – video coming soon.

2. She dropped out of college after a few months to start focusing on her music.

3. “Sara Victoria” was Lowell’s alter ego when she was working in gentlemen’s clubs. This lead to the name of her EP.
lowell i killed sara v

4. Her favourite song on We Loved Her Dearly is “Cloud 69”. She said, “It’s that feeling just after you watch porn, when you’re like, ‘I’m so filthy!’ And then it’s also exploring threesome fantasies.”

5. Lowell’s past work as dancer was the inspiration behind the song “I Love You Money”. Lowell says, “There’s something creepy but enjoyable about taking things from people. I was just like, ‘Money, yay! You’ll give me all your money, ’cause you’re an idiot, and I’m not doing anything.”

6. Her full name is Elizabeth Lowell Boland.

7. Her biggest influences include: Radiohead, Emily Haines, Feist, Brian Wilson, Chad VanGaalen, and Bjork.

8. Lowell co-wrote “Take Care” for the Backstreet Boys and has worked with members of Coldplay.

9. She’s been praised by publications including: Rolling Stone, Paste, Spin, MTV, The Guardian and more before her debut LP even came out.

10. Lowell is confident she’ll be able to reach the status of Madonna, Kanye and David Bowie one day.

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