10 Things You Might Not Know About The Wooden Sky

Toronto folk rockers The Wooden Sky have a new album on the way and a pair of big hometown shows, get to know them now.

Whether you’re just getting into the fun folk-rock tunes that come from The Wooden Sky, or you’ve been a fan since they formed in 2003, there’s definitely a few things you don’t know about these guys. They have a brand new record called Lets Be Ready that will be released on September 2 and two big shows at Lee’s Palace on October 17-18. It’s time to get to know a group of local boys.

Here are 10 things you might not know about The Wooden Sky:

1. The group began making music in 2003 under the moniker Friday Morning’s Regret, but rebranded as The Wooden Sky in 2007.

2. You can listen to their entire new record Lets Be Ready right now, we’re streaming it here.

3. The group has seen 5 members come and go with most recently bassist Andrew Wyatt leaving.

4. Their epic ‘Travelling Adventure Show’ derived from a performance at Lee’s Palace where the group took the audience out on Bloor street to play a song.

5. The Wooden Sky started their own record label called Chelsea Records, and the upcoming album Lets Be Ready will be the inaugural release.

6. The group often likes to play Tom Petty’s “American Girl” as an encore.

7. Soon you will be able to see an exclusive performance the band did for Indie88’s Hidden Studio Sessions.

8. The band started because of a school project singer Gavin Gardiner was working on at Toronto’s Ryerson University.
wooden sky ryerson

9. Violinist Edwin Huizinga has a masters in violin performance and has played with many symphony orchestras.

10. Gavin appeared on an episode of MTV’s Cribs.