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10 Unique Dining Spots in Toronto You Need To Try Now

Looking to shake up dull dinner conversation? Hoping to catch a glimpse of magic with your macaroni? Feast your eyes on this mouthwatering selection of unique, out-of-this-world options for your next night on the town.

O. Noir

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If you’ve ever wondered whether a restaurant can survive—and thrive—despite electricity, you’d best pay a visit to Church Street’s most talked-about eatery. Patrons sit in total darkness while served by a staff of waiters (all of whom happen to be blind) in this experimental dining experience designed to bring already bold flavours to the heightened forefront as a result of temporarily losing one sense. Be sure to visit the FAQ’s page on their website before making a reservation.
620 Church Street
Visit website for hours



Her name was Lola…and she’d probably love this place, too. Authentic Brazilian cuisine right under our noses. What makes it so special? Well, just about every night at Copacabana is Carnival! Sultry beauties in feathered headdresses and flashy costumes put on a show-stopping revue for diners—a real taste of Rio, from the heart of TO.
230 Adelaide Street West
Visit website for hours


Mysteriously Yours

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A staple of early 90’s nightlife, the long forgotten art of dinner theatre is on display just north of Toronto’s busiest intersection. Who knew? Grab your crew of hungry thrill-seekers and partake in an unforgettable evening of murder, mayhem and main courses.
2026 Yonge Street
Visit website for hours


Lula Lounge

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There’s background music, and then there’s Lula Lounge background music. Never mind the excellent menu consisting of five-star fare and a cacophony of crafted cocktails, this west end hotspot is a veritable hub of lively sounds—from jazz to salsa and everything in between.
1585 Dundas Street West
Visit website for hours and events


The Addisons

Nothing like a home-cooked meal in a restaurant that actually looks and feels like…home. From Salmon tartare to a good old fashioned cheeseburger, the opportunities are endless at this ultra chic hideaway, perfect for intimate dining or a raging house party. Evening events are ever-changing, but the décor, truly unlike anything else in TO, remains the same.
456 Wellington Street West
Visit website for hours


Spin Toronto

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Axe-throwing is so last season. Pick up a paddle and whack away in Toronto’s newest ping-pong nightclub. With a full menu of eats (Pizza Pot Pies? Yes, please!) and complementing beverages, this is a spot for the active diner looking to score. Bring a group of friends, secure your own table for the evening, and experience food and fun from both sides of the net.
461 King Street West
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Billed as Canada’s first restaurant for the deaf, this unique dining experience has revolutionized the industry without skimping on quality and detail. In addition to providing a unique evening, this amazing idea provides employment opportunities for the deaf community—no gimmicks, just greatness.
558 Yonge Street
Visit website for hours

360 @ The CN Tower

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The classic. If you haven’t already experienced fine dining from this perspective, you’ve got to check it out. A controversial choice—most people have a great time, others find fault in the revolving concept—it is nonetheless the only place in the Western hemisphere offering jaw-dropping views from such great heights.
301 Front Street West
Visit website for hours


Mariposa Cruises

What better way to take in the sights and sounds of Toronto’s vista-packed harbour than a romantic cruise? Planning a private function for fifty? An intimate dinner and dance for two? Mariposa has got you covered. This three-hour sail through the serene water, with the sunset just along the horizon, is one of the best sights you’ll ever see.
207 Queens Quay
Visit website for hours


Whether you’re in the mood for killer food, a variety of crafts on tap, board games, vintage pinball—or all of the above, this is the place for you. Recently bestowed with a perfect rating from NOW Magazine, this west-end hang—part art gallery, part live music venue—pings all of the requirements for a unique dining experience.
3030 Dundas Street West
Visit website for hours

Know of any other cool and / or kooky joints? Add your favourites to the comments below.

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