10 Unique YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe To

These 10 YouTube channels will blow your mind.

Get off those basic feeds and expand your online experience with these must-see YouTube channels.

Primitive Technology

Just a guy in the Australian wild demonstrating how to build primitive houses and tools from scratch using just what he finds around him. He never talks, but explains his process through captions. Since he started his channel, he’s built several fully functional homes complete with fireplaces and tiled roofs, a forge, a hunting bow with arrows, prawn traps, a farm with cassava and yams, and more.



Tackling some of life’s biggest questions, Exurb1a’s videos can be described as a perfect combination of humour and existential dread.



The official YouTube channel of the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, used by real marine researchers to seek out new discoveries in the ocean’s strangest corners. They regularly share incredible videos of bizarre new creatures they’ve discovered, and the scientists’ commentaries are both hilarious and enlightening.


Jaka Parker

Jaka Parker is a resident of Pyongyang, North Korea. He simply walks around the city documenting life in one of the world’s most secretive countries. If you’ve ever wondered what a regular day in the North Korean capital looks like, check out his videos.


Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch was created by Dr. Matt Carriker as a place for veterinarians to share some amazing stories, and specifically to help rehabilitate abused, abandoned and homeless animals. The channel’s earnings go towards helping animals that would otherwise be put down so they may be adopted into loving forever homes.



AfterPrisonShow is hosted by Joe, a man who spent seven years locked up for non-violent drug offenses. He’s described his channel as a way to rebuild his life in a world that “isn’t too friendly towards ex-cons.” He shares crazy prison stories, how-tos, prison recipes, and answers interesting questions about life behind bars.


Life of Boris

One of the internet’s most famous Eastern Europeans, Boris teaches us about his Slavic ways through cooking videos, travel guides, and general Slav commentary such as “how to squat like Slav”. His cooking videos are comedic, but the recipes are actually legit. Try making some kvass!



One of the most relaxing cooking channels you’ll find, AlmazanKitchen prepares all his meals outdoors on a fire using ingredients from the area around him, with a note of Serbian traditional cuisine.



The Report Of The Week reviews just about every fast food item that exists in America as if it were the finest haute cuisine. His articulate and thoughtful reviews are actually really compelling, and there’s no better example than his review of two different bottled waters.


Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.

A professional historical reenactor, Jas. Townsend and Son is an amazing combination of history and cooking that is dedicated to exploring life in the 18th Century. Here he is making fried chicken straight from a 1736 cookbook called “Dictionarium Domesticum”.