10 Vampire Songs

A bloody good Halloween playlist

Being a vampire would be fantastic. If I’ve learned anything from all the vampire movies and books lately, it’s that they’re all young, good looking, and lead interesting lives. Here are 10 vampire songs just in time for Halloween:

Kings of Leon – Closer

All about a 2000 year-old vampire who doesn’t sparkle in the sun or have a daylight ring. He’s confined to the night and has little remorse, “You keep on crying, baby I’ll bleed you dry”.
Gorillaz – Dracula

This is the only song on this list that samples a real vampire. The first line’s from the Looney Tunes movie Transylvania 6-5000 where Count Bloodcount says, “rest is good for the blood” to Bugs Bunny.
Radiohead – We Suck Young Blood

Many artists use the word “vampire” or the act of sucking blood as a metaphor for something that is draining. Radiohead sing about powerful old people sucking the life out of the young.
Florence and the Machine – Heavy in Your Arms

This was specifically written for the Twilight Eclipse soundtrack. They told her not to have any mention of vampires or werewolves, so she wrote with the emotional tone of the movies in mind.
Outkast – Dracula’s Wedding

In this song, Outkast sing about how loving someone is scarier than being a vampire.
Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet With Butterfly Wings

This song has nothing to do with vampires, instead it’s a dramatic take on the distress that comes with being a rock star. Billy Corgan starts the song with the a cappella vampire metaphor, “The world is a vampire, sent to drain”.
Afghan Whigs – The Vampire Lanois

This is an instrumental song, but we can only assume from the title it’s about a Vampire named Lanois. It’s pretty much a continuation of the previous song on the record “Omerta” that is not about vampires but does reference not being able to sleep.
The Misfits – Vampira

The Misfits fit into the “horror punk” sub-genre, most of the time singing about horror-inspired topics such as zombies, skulls, wolf’s blood, and vampires. This is a love song for the vampire TV host, Vampira.
Destroyer – Your Blood

This song is very cryptic. I’m unsure what its real meaning is but since he sings about seeing many things, and since it’s called “Your Blood”, I’m going to assume (for the sake of this article) it could be about a vampire.