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10 Viral Photos That Probably Fooled You

“OMG, have you seen this photo!?!?” That’s usually the caption you’ll read when someone throws a viral photo up on your social feed. For one reason or another, some photos spread like wild fire on the internet, but that doesn’t mean they’re all real. Thanks to the fine folks at List25, here are some of the biggest pics that turned out to be total shams.

“Purple trees cover the edge of the fairy pools on Scotland’s Isle of Skye”
Well, not exactly. Although it’s a very pretty photo, you can see that it was all just Photoshop magic. (Original on the right)

“A tourist took a picture right before the plane hit on 9/11 and someone his camera survived”
Would have been quite the story, huh? Too bad the guy was tracked down and admitted it was a hoax.

“The Statue Of Liberty during Hurricane Sandy”
More like a shot from the disaster flick The Day After Tomorrow.

“A flight attendant took this picture while Air France flight 447 was breaking apart over the Atlantic Ocean in 2009”
NOPE. This is a actually from the TV show Lost

“The star/moon island combo”
The crescent is 100% real, the star however is a Photoshop addition.

“This baby is alive and kicking”
Although is adorable and somewhat creepy, it’s impossible for the babies foot to push through all the layers of muscle in the human stomach.

“This exotic tree still lives in (insert location here)!”
Sorry to rain on your parade, friends. This tree isn’t even real, it’s actually Disney World’s “Tree of Life”.

“Steven Seagal gives Vladimir Putin bunny ears!”
His facial expression definitely looks like he did, but the fingers were another Photoshop addition.

“This pilot is taking a selfie mid-flight”
If you believed this and your above the age of 5, you need to give your head a shake. That’s right, 6-year-olds and up, you’re not off the hook.

“Check out what the supermoon looks like over Rio de Janeiro”
Contrary to popular belief, the moon will never look like the death star is smashing into our Earth unless something is VERY wrong.

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