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10 Year Old Drummer Wins Denmark’s Got Talent By Shredding Led Zeppelin & RATM

Johanne Astrid is an absolute baller.

At the age of ten, she has accomplished much more than most adults. We all have dreams, but usually reality gets in the way or you’re simply too scared to go after the things you want. It’s normal to fear rejection, but that was absolutely not the case for Johanne. This little ball of sunshine knew she was something special and had no fear of proving herself. Check out a compilation of Johanne’s badass beats below!

Let’s think back to when you were ten, most of us still cuddling stuffed animals and enjoying cutting and pasting. As for musical talent, the common ten year old is working on mastering hot cross buns on the good old recorder.

We know you tried this after school, stop lying to yourself.

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