100 cameras were given to the homeless and the results were unexpected

It'll leave you speechless

“My London” was the theme of a recent photo essay started by Cafe Art, in the UK. Homeless people were equipped with 100 disposable cameras, basic photography training, and the freedom to express themselves however they wanted. From the 80 cameras that were returned, 2,500 photos were sorted through. These photos served more than a documentary purpose – they are humanizing and absolutely humbling. Take a peak below.

London Calling or Telephone Row, Lincoln’s Inn, by XO. April in 2016 My London calendar.

Shadow of Self, Hyde Park, by Goska Calik. December 2016 in My London calendar.

Bags for Life, Strand, by David Tovey. February in 2016 My London calendar.

Mr Bond, Greenwich, byt ROL. Cover of 2016 My London calendar.

Cafe Art recently created a kickstarter campaign in order to create a calendar with these beautiful images, and has raised a whopping £15,596 of their £4,500 goal with 10 days to spare.


(Photos via Cafe Art)