100-Year-Old, 23-Pound Lobster Purchased and Set Free By Vegan

“It went full circle”

Not many lobsters get to see the ocean again after being caught by fishermen, but one named “King Louie” was lucky enough to be freed to go back home by a very generous vegan.

The lobster was dubbed “King Louie” due to itss size — a whopping 23 pounds. He was found by a fisherman in the Bay of Fundy, and brought to the Alma Lobster Shop near Bay of Fundy Provincial Park in Nova Scotia.


The co-owner of the shop, Catherine MacDonald, says it could as old as a hundred years. “My daughter put it next to a three pound lobster, which is large and most people have never seen a three-pound lobster, and it was as big as his claw,” MacDonald said.

The press attracted the attention of a local vegan, who bought the monster for $230 with the intention of setting it back in the ocean alive and unharmed. “It went full circle,” MacDonald said as the lobster was returned home Tuesday afternoon to the Bay of Fundy.

Images courtesy of Alma Lobster Shop