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11 Hashtags that are Officially Dead


Don’t hashtag the obvious. We know you’re at a show. Either that or your living room can fit 500 beer-guzzling music fans who are staring at that large stage beside your Mom’s laundry basket.



Whether you’re listening to it on radio, at a live show, or creating it with a wine glass, we’re aware it’s music. Try spicing up the hashtag with a bit more UMPH next time.



It’s not March 2011. We’re over it. Even Charlie has stopped using it. You should too.



It’s not a fail. It’s an experience that will make you wiser.



Like “winning”, swag came and went. The word itself is just annoying.



We’re waiting for the #fiction hashtag to be used when someone is lying to you.



If you’re saying something, we probably already know you’re saying it.



Not everything is epic. Your mocha from Starbucks isn’t epic, neither is your new winter coat. The overuse of the word will make the actual epic events not seem so, well, epic.



The same goes for “killing it.” It seems every band and their nephew killed it this year. And what exactly did they all kill? Get creative and opt for a new verb next time.



Your need for acceptance will ruin you. Period.

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