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11 Iconic Alt Music Videos From The 2000’s

Ah the early 2000’s, what a time to be alive! So many hits, so many iconic and entertaining music videos. Who can deny the awesomeness that occurred? Not us. With catchy tunes, sweet yet cringe-worthy style, and epic music videos – we can’t help but make a list of the most iconic alternative music videos, all of which were released in the 2000s!

Warning: you might feel nostalgic for an awkward yet awesome time. Check out our list below!


Queens Of The Stone Age – “No One Knows” (2002)

“No One Knows” was written by QOTSA band members Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan. It is the first single and second track off their second album, Songs for the Deaf. One of the ultimate alt rock jams, this tune and music video will never be forgotten.


Coldplay – “The Scientist” (2002)

Coldplay’s “The Scientist” doesn’t just tug at your heart strings, it rips them right out – the sad yet beautiful tune translates into the bands music video, leaving us in awe of its iconicity and no we’re not crying, you are.


Gorillaz – “Clint Eastwood” (2001)

Can you believe it’s been 17 years since the release of this song!? “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz will never get old, and neither will the music video – the animation is purely iconic.


Flaming Lips – “Do You Realize” (2002)

How do we sum this up quickly? Oh that’s right, we can’t. Everything about Flaming Lips “Do You Realize” is iconic. Girls in flowy dresses, people dressed up in frog, pig, and rabbit suits, elephants, an all white suit plus matching guitar, the fun never ends!


The Avalanches – “Since I left you” (2001)

Australian EDM group The Avalanches released this iconic tune in 2000, the video is guaranteed to make you laugh!


White Stripes – “Fell in Love With A Girl” (2001)

There’s no way you can’t rock out to “Fell in Love With A Girl” by the White Stripes, this iconic lego music video does the tune justice.


Sigur Rós – “Untitled” (2003)

Icelandic band Sigur Rós released this tune and iconic music video amongst their untitled album ( ) along with 8 untitled tracks, in 2002.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Maps” (2003)

Everything about this music video screams the early 2000’s, you’ll most likely recognize Yeah Yeah Yeah’s iconic tune “Maps” from the bands full-length debut album “Fever to Tell”


The Strokes – “Someday” (2001)

Watch The Strokes play a game of Family Feud in this unforgettable jam and hilarious music video! Fun fact: the opposing team against The Strokes are the members of Guided By Voices.


OK GO – “Here It Goes Again” (2005)

The video that started it all, this is OK GO’s first major music video that practically invented the idea of “virality”. The OK GO and bands in general have been consistently trying to one-up each other themselves since 2005, and we all have this video to thank for it.

Feist – “1234” (2010)

Who could possibly forget Feist’s iconic song and music video “1234”?! Just look at the colours, the outfits, the dance moves! The video became internationally recognized from an Apple commercial advertising a new i-Pod.

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