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11 Musicians to dress up as this Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us, and for all of you procrastinators who have no idea what you’re going as yet, why not dress up as your favourite artist?

From iconic outfits to legendary album covers, there are tons of way to make yourself into a musician you know and love. For inspiration, we’ve put together list of musicians we think you should dress up as this Halloween.

Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is a pretty iconic looking artist with his easily recognizable tooth gap, baseball cap, and plaid shirt. Grab a cigarette and a guitar to carry around with you this Halloween and you’ll be all set as this rough and lovable indie star.

Florence Welch

You can easily turn yourself into the ethereal goddess herself, Florence Welch. As long as you get a billowing, romantic chiffon dress, and a wig that rivals her iconic hair colour you’ll be the talk of the party. If you want to go above and beyond, grab some flowers or make a pair of lungs out of felt.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks’ witchy style is easy to emulate. All you need is a lot of flowy black lace fabric, some black gloves, a black hat, and a tambourine. Get a Stevie-style wig and wear some red lipstick and people will be mistaking you for the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman all day.


Give everyone’s favourite sad boy a whirl and dress up as Drake this spooky season. Grab your favourite grey turtleneck and paint on his beloved “Hotline Bling” stubble. At least nothing will be scarier than your music video style dance moves.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is the perfect costume for anyone who’s ready to get decked out in some flowers and an American flag. If you can get a Pepsi shirt to wear under a US flag with a flower crown, you can be just like the “Summertime Sadness” superstar.

The White Stripes

Stay true to red, white, and black, and you’ll fit in with The White Stripes in no time. As long as all of your attire and musical instruments (real or fake) fall under that colour scheme, you’ll pull off this costume no problem.


Got a swan dress (or at least a swan stuffed animal and a tutu) at the ready? Get in the Halloween spirit as everyone’s favourite quirky burst of energy, Björk. Make sure to take every chance to be as weird as you possibly can be and no one will be questioning your costume this Halloween.

Simon & Garfunkel

Grab your best pal, an afro, and a paper boy style hat and start humming along to Mrs. Robinson. For Simon, put on a moustache, a button up, an overcoat, and his iconic hat. Garfunkel just has to grab an afro, a button up shirt, and a blazer.


Who knew turning into the Melodrama musician would be so easy? All you need is a black dress, a black cardigan, black lace-up shoes, black lipstick, and some curly teased hair. Put on the perfect pout and everyone will think you’ve turned into the “Royals”-singing artist.

Different versions of David Bowie

Pick a Bowie, any Bowie. From Ziggy Stardust to Aladdin Sane to The Thin White Duke, the possibilities are endless. The easiest option is to paint the legendary Aladdin Sane lightning bolt across your face and slick back your hair to emulate the “Time”-singing star.

Freddie Mercury

With Bohemian Rhapsody coming out, what better way to celebrate Halloween than to dress up as Freddie himself? To get his archetypal Wembley Stadium look, grab a pait of white pants and tape on a red stripe to each side, grab a yellow leather jacket, slick back your hair with lots of gel, and stick on a heavy duty ‘stache.

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