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11 Must-Try Frozen Desserts in Toronto

This summer we’ve seen an abundance of gourmet frozen creations: from ice cream tacos to churros cones, each more Instagram-worthy than the next. Check out our list of some of the most outlandish, over-the-top frozen treats that you’ve got to try this summer.

Churro Cones at Pancho’s Bakery

In the heart of Kensington is the ever so popular Pancho’s Bakery. Check out their Instagram-famous churro cone—complete with ice cream and sprinkled with fruit loops. We’d double tap that.


PB&J Sammys at Big Crow

A PB&J ice cream sandwich that will bring back memories of your sticky-fingered youth and definitely have you coming back for seconds!


Arctic Bites Ice Cream Rolls

Thai-style rolled ice cream is quickly becoming all the rage in TO. What’s even better is that you can watch your cool creation as it’s being made. We suggest Snapchatting it for major social media points.

A photo posted by Arctic Bites (@arcticbites) on


Cotton Candy Ice Cream at Dolce 21

Cotton candy ice cream with an organic honeycomb and sprinkles on top, is this anything less of perfection?


Dreams come true at Dutch Dreams

Caramel turtle fudge ice cream with whipped cream, fruit and cotton candy held together on a Reese’s pieces cone. It will change your life.

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FUGO’s Cookie Monster Cone

This Cookie Monster inspired treat will have you forever screaming “me want cookies!” Its blue cookies and cream with mini Chips Ahoy pieces will definitely cop you a lot of likes on the ‘gram.

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Breakfast at Junked Food Co.

The Cereal Killer Ice Dream Donut Sammie: lucky charms smashed onto your choice of ice cream and sandwiched between two delicious glazed donuts. Um… yes!


Bang Bang’s One-of-a-kind Flavours

Try flavors like Rocky Roadkill, London Fog and Mud wrapped between a warm Hong Kong waffle. You won’t regret it.


Pop Tart Ice Cream fusion at Bake Shoppe

Breakfast and dessert anyone? These pop tart ice cream sammies are a genius invention.

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Ice Cream Tacos from Boo Yah Inc.

Change up your taco Tuesdays with this sweet treat. Ice cream tacos complete with chocolate, black raspberry thunder, cotton candy, whipped cream and topped with Skor pieces and skittles.

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Macaron Sammies at Scoop Shop

On Dundas West is a cute little shop offering up creamy frozen treats. Look to Scoop Shop for a delectable macaron ice cream sandwich. Green Tea ice cream is always so refreshing!

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What frozen treats have you tried from this list? Comment below and let us know what we’ve missed!

(Image Courtesy of Pancho’s Bakery)

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