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11 Outside of the Box Date Ideas To Do in Toronto

Whoever said dinner and a movie was a great date idea didn’t have a clue what awkward silence felt like. With these quirky, out of the box date ideas, you won’t have time to think about the dread of an uncomfortable pause. Some might seem crazy, some even tame, but altogether these activities are a far cry from dinner and movie.

If you’re looking to get creative and take a shot at something a little more adventurous, try out one of our out of the box date ideas below!

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Act like a tourist

Maybe you know Toronto like the back of your hand, but that doesn’t mean riding atop a red tour bus around the city isn’t going to be fun. Throw on some sunglasses, your tackiest Hawaiian shirt, put on your best fake accent and roam Toronto like you’ve never seen it before.

Get Lost In A Museum

You could do this sober, and we totally support that, but imagine just how much more compelling things would be at museum after a couple of *special gummies*. Did that renaissance painting just become the most fascinating thing ever? Probably.


Go pool hopping

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Wait for the deepest and darkest hours of the night, wear a bathing suit (or not) and go pool hopping! We recommend doing some research, maybe don’t go to the outdoor public pool with super high security. Try this out and feel like a rebel.



Have A Laugh At Second City

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Nothing breaks the ice more than letting your date hear your cackle for the first time — and there are few places in the city that’ll guarantee laughs more than Second City. Right now The Best Is Yet To Come Undone is on until September and is getting rave reviews!

Run around Ikea

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Alright, we can’t deny this idea is inspired by 500 Days of Summer but it looked pretty sweet, right? It’s practically impossible to have a bad time at Ikea. If you sense an awkward moment coming on, just run to the next fake bedroom… phew, saved.


Volunteer at an animal shelter

What’s cuter than a date surrounded by all kinds of cute and fluffy animals looking for a home? Believe it or not, you can volunteer just to give the little guys some love. That’s right – you and your date can show up just to pet cats and dogs. Maybe some kind of cute rodent. Who knows, maybe you’ll end the night with more than just a date.


Have your fortune told

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This could go really great or really disastrous depending on if your fortune teller tells you something awesome or not. Maybe they’re spot on, maybe they’re totally off – either way you’ll have something to laugh about or something really cool to chat about. Support your local psychic! Get a tarot reading or have your palm read.


Hang at the park and read to each other

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Are you both obsessed with Harry Potter novels? No? Okay, well imagine this: you’re sitting in a park on a sunny day, blanket beneath you, shaded by the trees, one of you has your head in the others lap while the other one reads out loud. Kinda cute, right? If Bradley Cooper can read Lolita to his date, so can you.


Go house/condo hunting

Get silly and pretend you’re a couple (with a huge budget) who are seriously looking for a place to live. Imagine all the wicked spots in the city you can’t afford but would love to live in. Throw in a joke here or there, “Honey… This place is only 60,000 sq ft. It’s way too small.” See if you can convince the real estate agent you actually have the dough (or if you do, you might really impress your date).


Jump In On An Open Mic

Whether it’s stand up comedy, poetry, music or improv – this stuff is fun to watch live, but it’s even wilder to get up and perform in front of your date! Test yourself and see if you two can handle the heat. If it’s too much, doing Karaoke together is a close second – or take a drop in improv class at Second City!

Check out a haunted building

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Don’t watch the scary movie, live it! We mean, nothing more than the creepy ghost stuff… we’re definitely not suggesting you hangout with a serial killer or demon of any sorts. Head to a haunted space and see what happens. Creaky doors, foot steps when no ones around, who know’s what’ll happen! You’ll get to see which one of you gets spooked the most. There’s even a Haunted Ghost Walk for those interested in seeing them all!

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